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'The Onion' Is Going on Tour

Over the years, The Onion has branched out into TV, film, web video, and books, and now the franchise is taking on another piece of new territory: live theater. The folks behind the revered satirical news entity just announced they'll be teaming up with The Second City, another Chicago-based comedy institution, for The Onion Live!, a stage show that will tour the country this fall. In a statement, The Onion said the show will teach audiences "The Onion’s journalism secrets through a series of presentations from the same news and lifestyle experts who train The Onion’s handsome, knowledgeable staff. Audiences will learn everything from how to chase a scoop [...]

Louis C.K. Explains His Scalping Policy Is Working

When Louis decided to sell the tickets for his next tour directly through his website, preventing scalping was a big motivating factor. He warned people that if they try to sell tickets above the original price, they'd be deactivated. And it has worked. He told Laughspin:

I’m doing 67 shows on this tour and we’ve sold 135,600  tickets to those shows after one week on sale.

In addition to the tour, I’m doing two shows in one city that are on sale through traditional ticketing.*

So as a comparison…

There are 1100 tickets available on stubhub alone for those two  traditionally ticketed shows out of 4,400 available ( Almost exactly [...]

Louis C.K. Made Fun of Jay Leno's Funny Face; Is Going on Tour

In total, Leno has hosted the Tonight Show for about 19 years and last night Louis said what everyone has been thinking: Why is your face like that? It is such a weird combination of circles and points. Below Louis also talks about selling tickets to his next tour on his website, which he had announced online a few hours earlier. As he explained, he went around Ticketmaster with the hope of getting the ticket prices lower. He wrote on his site: "Tickets across the board, everywhere, are 45 dollars. That's what you'll actually pay. In every case, that will be less than anyone has actually paid to [...]

Chris Gethard Makes it to Bonnaroo Alive, Part 1

Our woman at the festival informs us that Chris Gethard killed it last night at Bonnaroo, which means he got there alive! As the video above proclaimed, Chris Gethard set out to get from Los Angeles to Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee without a phone or any money. The videos he shot along the way range from hilarious to tense to heartwarming to frightening. Here are the first 16, which take him from his preparatory visit with his Mom to a little league game in Denver.

Marc Maron Announces His "Out of the Garage" Tour

Comedian and podcaster extraordinaire Marc Maron is about to embark on a month-long run of shows, dubbed the "Out of the Garage" Tour, that'll see him traveling all over the US and dipping into Canada to perform stand-up. It's a great chance for non-L.A. residents to catch one of the funniest and hardest-working stand-ups going doing what he does best. Tickets are now available. Hit the jump for a complete list of tour dates or head on over to Maron's website. 2013 will be Marc Maron's busiest year yet with his new IFC show Maron and a new book he wrote set for release, keeping him busy [...]

Louis Is Doing Pretty Great, Money-wise; Spills Seinfeldian Details

Louis revealed on Twitter last night that after the first 45 hours, his tour has already sold 100,000 tickets and grossed $4.5 million. Louis's response: "I guess it was a good idea." You guessed right, LCK. Yesterday, Louis also revealed some more details about the season. Most notably, he confirmed that Jerry Seinfeld will be guest-starring. He'll appear in the three-part season finale as a very different sort of Jerry. So he'll hate cereal and Porsches and will often proclaims, "I already know what's the deal with everyting."

'Comedy Bang! Bang!' Hitting the Road

Like Portlandia before it, Comedy Bang! Bang! is going on tour this summer. The show will be a mix of stand-up, cameos, games, special guests, clips from the series, and a podcast taping. CB!B! regulars like James Adomian, Tim Heidecker, and Paul F. Tompkins will be trading off appearances. It's like the entirety of Scott's career – the stand-up showcase, the podcast, the TV show – smashed into one road show. All of the dates and tickets links are below.

Yeti Your Way Through the 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon' Studio

Doesn't work seem supes boring after a lovely long weekend? Well, Jimmy Fallon, a yeti, and the Late Night team have found a way to kill at least 25 minutes of your day. From Jimmy's stained glass filled office to pipes Jim Henson once painted when he arrived early for a TV appearance to a yeti, it's a tour that keeps on touring. You might have noticed I mentioned the existence of a yeti multiple times in this post and that's because there is a lot of yeti activity. He doesn't seem to be dangerous as much as a bit nosey. He has inspired me to write a one-act [...]

There Will Be a Documentary About Dan Harmon's Live Show/Podcast 'Harmontown'

Community creator Dan Harmon is taking his live show/podcast Harmontown on a nationwide tour beginning January 10th, and it was just announced via Facebook that the entire tour will be filmed for a documentary by director Neil Berkeley. For the uninitiated, Harmontown is a live show in which Harmon and sidekick Jeff Davis talk about whatever they want for an hour, with the conversation ranging from absurdly dumb to brilliant. Click this link for tickets to the tour, and you could end up in the background of what's sure to be the Gimme Shelter of comedy podcast tour documentaries (minus the tragedy).

Chris Gethard Makes it to Bonnaroo Alive, Part 2

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Chris Gethard isn't dead. He made it to Bonnaroo to do his Chris Gethard thing. However, it's important you see for yourself. When we last saw Gethard, he was in Denver watching a tee ball game. The next video finds Chris going completely rogue. No cameraman, no Bananaman, just him, hitchhiking. We already know he isn't dead but if he were going to die, it would be here. Then watch the final videos through his triumphant Bonnaroo set.

Take a Stroll Around 'Rushmore's' Campus

Houston: The Rushmore School  Wes Anderson's sets tend to look real but not. They're as if the universe was meticulously put together by a deity who only wore vintage seersucker suits and plaid scarves. (I know what you're thinking: Assuming that Gods have timeless existences, how can anything be vintage? Well, this God is the type of guy who would make the point of telling you things were vintage, regardless. Yeah, it's kind of a d-bag move.) That's why the above tour of the high school from Rushmore is so edifying. You get to see how Wes Anderson Wes Ansersonizes a place. (It's mostly [...]