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Tracy Morgan Tells Conan Why He Got Kicked Out of Prince's House

Ahead of the premiere of his Comedy Central special this weekend, Tracy Morgan told Conan all about the time he — more specifically, his insane and now retired alter ego Chico Divine — had the honor of getting kicked out of Prince's house.

Tracy Morgan Has Some Things to Say About Thanksgiving

More specifically, Tracy Morgan has 28 Thanksgiving-y things to say, and he said them all on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night while wearing a Cosby sweater. Of course, he mixed in a few colorful stories as well.

'30 Rock' Wraps Production with Tracy Morgan Singing Songs from 'Thriller'

The 30 Rock cast and crew finished shooting the series finale Wednesday night after working together on seven seasons of the critically-acclaimed show. Kevin Brown, who plays Dot Com on the show, tweeted this picture (embedded at its full size below) of the 30 Rock gang all together one last time. Tina Fey tells Zap2it about the last day of filming: "Last night there was a delay and as happens every time in seven years it ended up with Tracy [Morgan] singing songs from Thriller. It was the same three Michael Jackson songs so many times. Last night, it turned into an impromptu break dance party." 30 Rock's [...]

The Final Season of '30 Rock' Begins Tonight; Here’s All the Internet’s Best '30 Rock' Stuff from Today

The first episode of the 30 Rock’s final, 13-episode season airs tonight at 8/7c on NBC, and the internet’s going bananas. Here’s a rundown of all the cool 30 Rock stuff from today. First off, here's a supercut of every terrible TGS sketch mentioned on the show ever.

Alec Baldwin dropped a major bombshell about the show on Twitter:

Watch Tracy Morgan Get His Ninth Exotic Fish Tank

Last week, Tracy Morgan told David Letterman about his shark tank and the photo alone seemed completely nuts. Of course, because it's Tracy, somehow the thing is even more ridiculous. Below, see the big reveal and watch Tracy teach one of these bros how to ride a Segway. I look forward to the shark tank episode of 30 Rock, in which Tracy has to miss rehearsal because John Travolta promised to fly him to Australia, home of Russell Crowe's tiger shark farm.

Tracy Morgan Tells Arsenio Hall About His Crack Dealing Days

On last night's Arsenio, Tracy Morgan looked back on his last job before show business when he worked as a sensitive crack dealer, or as he calls it, "a crack dealer with a heart of gold." He also relived the memories of going fishing with his uncle and the time his aunt helped him look for his Game Boy, which aren't as endearing as they sound.

Tracy Morgan, Jim Gaffigan, and Chris Rock Will Be 'Totally Biased's First Guests for Its Nightly Run on FXX

FX's late night talk show Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell is set to move to its new sister channel FXX, where it'll be airing four nights a week instead of one, on Wednesday, September 4th, and the show is pulling out a bunch of big name guests for the first string of nightly episodes:

Wednesday, September 4th: Jim Gaffigan Thursday, September 5th: Tracy Morgan Monday, September 9th: Chris Rock

This is the first appearance on Totally Biased for Morgan and Gaffigan, and the second as a guest for Rock, who also executive produces the show.

Jimmy Fallon and Tracy Morgan Read "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Jimmy Fallon's SNL war buddy Tracy Morgan slapped on a turtleneck and scarve and joined him to tell a good ol' Christmas story last night. Tracy Morgan, of course, takes "Twas the Night Before Christmas" off the rails in a typical Tracy Morgan fashion, albeit without taking his shirt off. This is just another video to add onto the stack of evidence as to why NBC should give Jimmy Fallon an annual Christmas variety special already, a movement that is gaining some traction on Tumblr this week.

Black Ops: 'Post-Racial' Comedy in the Age of Obama

In 2010, former troupe-mates Donald Glover and DC Pierson returned from Los Angeles to perform at The Creek and The Cave, in New York City. Glover was tossed a question from an audience member: What's it like working with Chevy Chase? In response, he described how Chase had delivered a 40-minute lecture to Saturday Night Live cast member Bobby Moynihan laying out the case for why Glover has to be homosexual, which he is not. "That's the only way a guy like Chevy Chase has of processing a black guy who looks like me, talks like me, dresses like me," said Glover on stage that night. "That's how alien [...]

Tracy Morgan Talks Sharks; Makes Great TV

Sometimes Tracy Morgan just is indistinguishable from Tracy Jordan. He has a Jaws themed shark tank for his son Tracy Jr.? Come on! I know what you're thinking: He can't be Tracy Jordan, he didn’t once mention getting girls pregnant. O ye of little faith, watch more of the interview below. He also talks about his high school friend Mitt "Mitty Mitt" Romney. The whole time Letterman is flabbergasted, as to say, "How did this insane person become the funniest man I've ever met?"

FXX Orders a Show Starring Tracy Morgan and Created by the 'Always Sunny' Guys

According to Deadline, FX's sister network FXX has given a straight-to-series order to an untitled comedy series starring SNL and 30 Rock alum Tracy Morgan. The series comes from the production company of Always Sunny's Rob McElhenney, Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, and Luvh Rakhe and was spawned out of a recent FX pilot order from Rob Long and Tad Safran called Death Pact. Deadline reports that there has been no formal pass on Death Pact, but news of an entirely new show starring Morgan suggests the pilot is no more. No plot details for the FXX series have been released, but the series is scheduled to premiere [...]

Tracy Morgan to Star in an FX Pilot

Tracy Morgan is following up 30 Rock with a move to basic cable. Deadline reports that Morgan will be playing the lead in Death Pact, a single-camera comedy pilot for FX from creators Rob Long (Sullivan & Son) and Ted "Sexist of the Year" Safran (Doogal). Here's the plot:

[Morgan stars as] a formerly lazy, pot-dealing assistant high school coach who returns to his hometown as a decorated war hero. He runs across three down-on-their-luck friends and former students and sucks them into his new radical self-help philosophy, which involves harsh consequences for failure.

The pilot is filming is set to film this summer in New York or [...]

Spike TV Is Giving Eddie Murphy a Star-Studded Tribute

Macho cable network Spike TV just announced it’s throwing a flashy tribute to comedy mainstay Eddie Murphy next month. A lot of big-name Hollywood types are set to toast Murphy and his three-decades-long career during the special, entitled Eddie Murphy: One Night Only, including Chris Rock, Samuel L. Jackson, Tracy Morgan, Martin Lawrence, and Eddie’s brother, Charlie Murphy. The TV special will include comedy sketches, musical performances, and short films, ending with an appearance by Eddie Murphy, of course, because he’d be a big jerk if he skipped out on this big party Spike is throwing in his honor.

Emmy Voters Still Really Really Like Modern Family (And Louis C.K., Apparently)

Last night was the Emmy Awards, a three-hour-long ceremony the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences holds each year to honor Modern Family. The cast and crew of other TV comedies are invited to attend too, but they know going in that they will probably lose to Modern Family and that they were only nominated because there aren’t enough people working on Modern Family to fill every category.

Modern Family won a whopping four Emmys, significantly more than any other comedy at last night’s awards. Included in Modern Family’s bounty is the prize for Outstanding Comedy Series, which the sitcom has taken home for three years in a row [...]