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Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine Reveal Plans for a 'Tucker & Dale vs. Evil' Sequel

Good news for fans of Eli Craig's 2010 Canadian comedy horror Tucker & Dale vs. Evil. During a panel discussion at HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, the real-life Tucker & Dale Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine made a surprise announcement to the audience that a sequel is already in the works. In the clip below, the guys explain how Tudyk incorrectly told a reporter at SXSW that the sequel wasn't happening, only to be corrected by a "producery-type guy" a few days later. While the story only has an outline and the script still needs to be written, Tudyk and Labine said that making the next Tucker & Dale [...]

Jason Sudeikis and Tyler Labine Play Some Kiss Chicken

Here's a clip from the upcoming A Good Old Fashioned Orgy in which Jason Sudeikis and Tyler Labine play a healthy game of kiss chicken, each daring the other to swerve away at the last minute from the oncoming manlips. I am hoping/assuming that the movie is just 89 minutes of man-on-man sexual tension like this. Don't let me down, movie!