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Above Average and UCB Comedy Are Partnering Up

Web video makers Above Average and UCB Comedy are teaming up. Above Average announced today that UCB Comedy is becoming an official partner of the Above Average network and that the two entities will now co-produce new sketch videos to appear on Above Average's YouTube channel and website. Writers, performers, and sketch groups from the UCB Theatre have been making digital content for Above Average since the digital network launched in 2012 (on web series like Thingstarter, Rejected Pitches, That Couple You Know, and more), but this is the first official partnership and UCB's digital wing. Other Above Average partners include sketch groups BriTANick, The Lonely Island, and Greg [...]

A Few Minutes with Al Jaffee

The folks at UCBcomedy sat down with Mad Magazine's Al Jaffee, the creator of the famous fold-in and a guy who's been making comedy regularly for longer than most comedians have been alive. I don't know too many comedians who didn't read Mad as a kid, so it's great to see the 89-year-old Jaffee still as sharp as ever, and still making those fold-ins.

Cake Boss Therapy: Cake Solves All Problems

Cake Boss Therapy UCBcomedy.com

In Cake Boss Therapy from UCBcomedy.com, the Cake Boss branches out from what he knows, sort of.