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Celebrate the Birth of The Christ Child by Coming to December's Dog And Pony Show!

Joyeux Noel! What better way to commemorate the birth of an immortal god's child into the human realm than with some festive fart jokes?!?! Whether you believe that a supernatural deity impregnated a lady thousands of years ago in order to save humans from sin which he himself decided was even a thing or not, come by UCBeast this Friday for the comedy stylings of Nick Vatterott (Conan), Naomi Ekperigin (Totally Biased), Charla Lauriston (UCB's School Night) and Brendan McLaughlin (Nikki And Sara Live). RSVP for tickets here, guys!

The Great NYC Standup Debate

There's been a debate raging across the internet this weekend about the UCBeast Theatre in New York's practice of not paying stand-ups who perform there. The whole thing started last month when comedian Kurt Metzger, in his words, "trashed UCBeast" on Facebook for not paying comedians for a sold-out $10 dollar-a-head stand-up show called "If You Build It." Here's some of Metzger's Facebook musings:

"So last week I trashed UCBeast for packing a 120 seat theater at 10 bucks a head for a standup show in NY on a Saturday night, and then not having the decency God gave Jerry Sandusky to peel the performers off a twenty. I'll [...]

Grand Opening Of UCB's Second NY Location Is (You Got It) Improvised

This weekend saw the grand opening of the UCB's second location in New York, after two long years of securing licenses, tearing down walls, and proving that it's not a sex club. Those New Yorkers, always so worried about a little sex club here or there! UCB co-founders Matt Besser and Ian Roberts couldn't get to the big opening because of that darned snowstorm, but ultimately there was a show (featuring Fugazi's Ian MacKaye) that Amy Poehler called "the perfect combination of funny and weird and sloppy." Ah, improvisers, always rolling with the punches. Welcome, UCBeast!