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David Hasselhoff Is Starring in His Own 'Curb'-Style Show and No This Isn't a Joke

Do you love Curb Your Enthusiasm, but daydream about it focussing on a different famous person other than Larry David? To get more specific, is that daydream about David Hasselhoff and is the show you've imagined called Hoff the Record? Well, for one thing, dream bigger. Also, that is exactly what's happening.

Those crazy Brits have ordered a six-episode mockumentary series that will focus on a hightened version of the Hoff, with a plot that "concerns the Knight Rider star moving to get his 'surreal' life back on track, after five divorces and 'some misguided career decisions.'" A Dave spokesman has this to say about it: "It is [...]

The Long, Brilliant Career of Steve Coogan, the Funniest British Comedian Most Americans Don't Know

Although he's been a wildly popular comedian in the UK for over 20 years now, Steve Coogan has yet to become a household name in the States. Nevertheless, 2014 is may just be the year he finally breaks through here. With a bevy of high-profile projects set to make their US debuts, Coogan may finally become someone who has American fans who aren't just comedy nerds. Coogan recently earned his first two Oscar nominations for producing and co-writing the drama Philomena, which he stars in with Judi Dench, and he's starring in the comedies Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa and The Trip to Italy, which are both set for a US [...]

The American Version of 'The IT Crowd' That Never Made It to TV

There’s no formula for good TV. Networks and studios shuffle through hundreds of new projects every year, but when it comes down to it, it’s easier remake, reboot, or sequelize. Throughout the 2000s, NBC struggled to bring highly popular and influential BBC television stateside, giving The Office and Coupling, in particular, some love, American style. While Coupling quickly careened off into TV hell, The Office hit the ground, got back up, and found its voice. The show evolved into itself.

It’s interesting to watch those early episodes of The Office. Near line-for-line retellings of its British counterpart, NBC’s The Office never really clicks in its debut season. Michael [...]

Watch a Trailer for HBO's New Comedy 'Getting On'

Here's a new trailer for Getting On, HBO's upcoming remake of the UK medical comedy of the same name. Premiering Sunday, November 24th, Getting On stars Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, Niecy Nash, and Mel Rodriguez as employees at a womens' extended care facility. Guest stars include Molly Shannon, Daniel Stern, Harry Dean Stanton, June Squibb, Irma P. Hall, and a piece of fecal matter on a chair.

'The Inbetweeners Movie' Is Being Remade for the US as 'Virgins America'

There's going to be a US remake of The Inbetweeners Movie, the 2011 UK film based on the popular E4 comedy series about a quartet of horny British teenagers straddling the line between coolness and nerdiness. Deadline reports that the US movie version will be called Virgins America and will be directed by the UK's Jim Field Smith (She's Out of My League, Butter). When it was released two years ago, The Inbetweeners Movie had a stronger opening than any UK comedy ever and a sequel is already underway. An American adaptation of the TV version of The Inbetweeners ran on MTV last year but was canceled after [...]

UK's V Festival Comes Under Fire for Its All-Male Lineup

V Festival, the UK's Virgin Media-sponsored music festival, is being criticized this week for its all-male comedy lineup. The Independent reports that the festival's comedy stage will feature 26 comedians, all male. After a ton of complaints, the festival responded by saying they tried to book female comedians but that "no one was available." Last year, the event featured four female comedians; the number was zero once again in 2012. This is just one of many stories about sexism in comedy to come out of the UK so far this year, following standup Jenny Collier being bumped from a UK show because "they don't want too many [...]

Jack Black Is Developing an Adaptation of the UK Film 'Wizard's Way'

Jack Black has acquired the rights to develop and produce a remake of he British film Wizard's Way, Variety reports. The comedy follows two friends who are completely obsessed with the fictional online fantasy roleplaying game Wizard’s Way, and it was written and directed by Joe Stretch, Socrates Adams-Florou, and Chris Killen. The movie is about to have its US premiere this year at the Slamdance Film Festival. Jack Black will executive produce via his company Electric Dynamite.

'Peep Show' Creators Are Writing a Cop Show

Noted UK comedy writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong are creating a new show. Chortle that Channel Four has ordered a six-part season of an untitled cop comedy-drama from the pair, who are best known for co-creating long-running series Peep Show. Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) will direct the pilot, the first time he's done TV in two decades.

Jimmy Nesbitt, Brit Marling, Paterson Joseph, Jonny Sweet, Andrew Brooke, and Bertie Carvel star in the show, which follows Scotland Yard's police force, from the street cops to the upper reaches. In addition to creating Peep Show, Bain and Armstrong co-wrote Chris Morris's Four Lions, wrote [...]

HBO's Remake of the UK Series 'Getting On' Premieres Nov. 24

HBO announced today that the network's adaptation of the acclaimed UK medical comedy Getting On will debut Sunday, November 24th at 10pm. The US version of the show follows the put-upon nurses and doctors of a Long Beach extended-care facility the show is set in the women’s extended-care facility as they care for the elderly and struggle with the healthcare system. Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, Niecy Nash, and Mel Rodriguez star, with Molly Shannon, Daniel Stern, Harry Dean Stanton, June Squibb and Irma P. Hall set to guest star.

Big Love creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer wrote the adaptation. The original series ran for three seasons on BBC Four [...]

The Alan Partridge Movie Is Getting a US Release in 2014

Steve Coogan's Alan Partridge movie is coming to the US. Deadline reports that Magnolia Pictures has acquired the rights to the film, entitled Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa, and they're aiming for an early 2014 US theatrical release following a premiere at the 2013 New York Film Festival. The film follows Coogan's beloved character Alan Partridge, who he's played since the early '90s across UK radio, TV, and web series, at the center of a hostage situation at his radio station. Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa was released in the UK earlier this month, opening at #1 and receiving mostly positive reviews.

Check out the trailer below:

FX and UK's Sky Broadcasting Group Team Up to Develop Comedies

England's Sky Broadcasting Group and US cable network FX announced a deal today to develop shows together. The two-year agreement will find whatever shows result from it airing on Sky1 or Sky Atlantic in the UK and on FX or FXX in the US.

"The goal is to create new shows that will sit alongside series such as Sky’s A Touch of Cloth and Alan Partridge’s Mid-Morning Matters and FX Networks’ Louie and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia," Sky Broadcasting said. "Homegrown Sky shows that have previously been [aired] on U.S. networks include An Idiot Abroad, A Young Doctor’s Notebook, Spy, Moone Boy and Doll and Em." HBO and the BBC have similarly worked in the past to co-produce [...]

ABC Orders a Pilot Based on the UK Series 'Bad Education', Adapted by Two 'King of the Hill' Writers

ABC is adapting the UK sitcom Bad Education into an American show. THR reports that the network has orderd a pilot for a single-camera comedy called An American Education based on the show, with British actor Jack Whitehall attached to reprise the lead role of Alfie Wickers from the original. Peter Huyck and Alex Gregory, two alums of King of the Hill's writing staff are penning the adaptation. The American version of the show follows Wickers, a high school history teacher dealing with his obnoxious administrators and trying to impress a female chemistry instructor with advise from his students. The original UK show, which was created by Whitehall, [...]

Humphrey Ker Sells a Sitcom to ABC

UK comedian Humphrey Ker is making his first US TV show. Deadline reports that Ker has sold a show to ABC loosely based on his own life that he'll be writing. Called Terrible People, the comedy follows a guy named Charlie Stevenson who, after visiting his amoral narcissistic father and stepmother, decides to move in with them to help raise his half-brother and sister in hopes of making them not be awful people. The sitcom is being developed for the 2014-15 TV season.

Ker got his start as a member of the popular UK sketch group The Penny Dreadfuls. He won the Edinburgh Fringe Festival's "Best Newcomer" award [...]

Watch Simon Pegg Do Standup on TV in 1995

This surfaced online a few years ago, but here's video of a 25-year-old Simon Pegg doing standup on the BBC in 1995, a year before he started working with director Edgar Wright, which would eventually lead to a lot of great stuff.