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This Week in Web Videos: 'The Truth About Meeting a Woman'

Sorry PewDiePie, but I prefer Paul Gale. Against a tidal wave of pre-teens clamoring for daily web cam soliloquies, I prefer the YouTuber who not only has the courage to make traditional entertainment in a cutting edge space, but also the skill and, even more than that, the concentration. In a growing digital terrain sanctioned by more and more advertisers looking to make fast, cheap, "viral" commentary on what's happening now now now, web creators are incentivized to sell their visions short. Gale, somehow, is unwavering in his pure pursuit of making his own, unfettered inspiration come to life. He's leveraging YouTube in a way so few others can [...]

Kevin Nealon Plays Cupid to Two Hopeless Romantic Second Graders

"SNL cast member" and "star on Showtime's Weeds" aren't exactly the kind of references that are going to stick with a bunch of second graders, but thankfully for Kevin Nealon the concept of love on Valentine's Day transcends all age groups. Above, watch Nealon talk to a bunch of kids about Valentine's Day for Ellen and turn into quite a skilled matchmaker for two seven-year-olds whose love for each other shall no longer remain a secret, classmate teasing be damned.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Aziz Ansari's Honest but Depressing Thoughts on Love

"I don't think [love is] overrated at all. Underrated, if anything. It's amazing and beautiful and uniquely wonderful, but unfortunately, elusive and sadly ephemeral. Woody Allen says it best in Annie Hall: Love fades. At this point, there is a lot of research that backs this idea up."

– Aziz Ansari to The AV Club in a long, thoughtful pre-Valentine's Day interview about love that's every bit as honest as it is depressing.

A Bitingly Happy Valentine's Day From Daria Morgendorffer

Champion sarcastic misanthrope Daria has written a Valentine's Day blog, in case it's gonna be that kind of day for you too. [via]

Parks and Rec Recap: "Operation Ann"

Holiday episodes can serve as a nice reminder that the particular holiday in question is coming up — in a couple of weeks. Parks and Rec celebrated Valentine’s Day 12 days early this year because the show’s pre-empted next week to clear way for a two-part 30 Rock episode. It’s actually kind of nice to get a Valentine’s-themed show out of the early before every other sitcom starts tackling the holiday in the coming weeks and makes audiences really sick of it.

This is Parks and Rec's first Valentine’s episode since Season Two, but we got a return appearance from Leslie’s “Galentine’s Day" Party, the event she holds for [...]

How the Other Half "Lives," by Ryan Patricks

Adjusting to ghost life isn't easy.

The first couple of weeks of being dead are definitely the hardest. Being a ghost is something you have to ease into, like a cold pool, or anal, or anal in a cold pool.

Warning: That last one is super difficult. Do not try at home.

At first, you usually take your cue from the movies you saw when you were alive. You might speak in a spooky vibrato voice or hang out in a pottery class. It's all a bit overdramatic and a big clue that you are a newbie to the specter world. My buddy, Barry, calls these "dead giveaways."

Isn't [...]

Pete Holmes Answers Fans' Burning Valentine's Day Questions

The Pete Holmes Show returns for a second season February 24th on TBS, so Holmes decided to gear up for the show with this new video fit for the Valentine's Day season. Sending deepest sympathies to all the hopeless romantics out there who are currently stuck inside a water slide.

Watch NBC Try to Justify Airing 'Community's Halloween Episode in February with a Cheesy Promo

You've probably heard how NBC pushed Community's premiere back from October to February, meaning that the show's Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas episodes will all air this winter/spring. If not, NBC just released this tacky promo trying to explain away that inconsistency by relying heavily on the cringe-inducing portmanteau "Valloween." Hopefully, this is is the last of these, and we won't have to watch promos for Thankspatricks Day and Easterchristmas.

Love and Annie Hall

Annie Hall isn’t a Valentine’s Day movie, though I always watch it on Valentine’s Day. It’s not a romantic comedy, though in some ways it solidified the premises of the genre. It won Allen his only Oscar for Best Director, though it’s arguably not his best film (try to argue the point with a fan of Hannah and Her Sisters if you want to have a stroke). It’s one of the funniest movies ever made, even though it doesn’t exactly make one hopeful about the prospects of ever having a “healthy” relationship. And like so much of Allen’s work, if it’s a love song at all, it’s dedicated to [...]

Get Lonely for the Hour-Long 30 Rock Valentine's Day Episode

On Feb. 9, Parks & Rec will be bumped for a two-part 30 Rock Valentine's Day episode, guest starring Mary Steenburgen as Jack's mother-in-law. Start stockpiling your night cheese, everybody, 'cause this is gonna be a big one.

Watch Conan O'Brien Deliver a Bunch of Valentine's Flower Bouquets

Here's Conan O'Brien's latest remote segment, in which he hangs out at a flower shop and delivers some flowers to people on Valentine's Day and makes people cry (tears of joy, don't worry).

Your Relationship Is Not as Great/Insane as Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman's

"Several times a day, Nick shits his pants, scream-belches, “YOU FRACKING WHORE!” at me, snorts a veritable mountain of crushed ephedrine, urinates on our bed, makes me re-shave the swastika into his pubes, and then cries like a baby and calls me 'Mommy' while he tries to suckle at my unresponsive buttocks. When we have company over? Forget it."

Megan Mullally on the behavior of her husband Nick Offerman, in a love-and-romance-themed Q & A over at the AV Club. If there were ever a couple to aspire to be like on this Valentine's Day, it's them.

'SNL' Review: Not A Belieber

It's not easy to reconcile my preferences for the alternative comedy scene that this site represents and my admiration for an eternally mainstream show like SNL. I want a lineup of weird, dark premises and sketches that establish clear games… and then intentionally subvert them. I want sketches to end with Mr. Show-like transitions, with a character leaving the room and walking onto a new set, where a new sketch begins, and throwaway jokes from earlier sketches to reappear later, like Kroll Show is doing. I want an episode where Nick Offerman hosts, Garfunkel and Oates is the musical guest, Danny Pudi sits silently in the background of every sketch, [...]

Michael Ian Black Solves Everyone's "Friend's" Relationship Problems

Dear Michael Ian Black, I have been in a relationship with my current computer for about nine months, and the spark is starting to go out of our relationship. We browse the same websites, and refresh every few minutes, but there's something perfunctory about it. I can't help but wish my computer would take me to a new site where I could read your advice on romantic questions in time for Valentine's Day. Also, I would like to get a taste of your writing style before spending money on a copy of your book You're Not Doing It Right. But my computer never takes me to a site [...]