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'The Heart, She Holler' Returns to Adult Swim December 1st

The third season of The Heart, She Holler just got a premiere date. Adult Swim announced today that the newest season of the Patton Oswalt-starring show will premiere on Monday, December 1st at 12:30am, with new episodes each weeknight until the finale on Wednesday, December 10th. Oswalt, Heather Lawless, and Amy Sedaris will all return for the new season alongside newly added cast member Scott Adsit and special appearances from David Cross, Steve Little, Jon Glaser, and more. In a statement, series creators/writers/directors John Lee and Vernon Chatman said: "When we showed season three of The Heart She Holler to a large family of monkeys, they immediately stopped [...]

Talking to Vernon Chatman and John Lee About Season 2 of 'The Heart, She Holler'

Season 2 of The Heart, She Holler, a Southern gothic melodrama steeped in incest, gore and absurdity, has been two years in the making: Adult Swim greenlit another season right after the live-action show’s initial six-episode run in 2011, but showrunners Vernon Chatman and John Lee (Xavier: Renegade Angel, Wonder Showzen, and the 2002 Snoop Dogg sketch show Doggy Fizzle Televizzle) were tied up in other projects. Plus, Chatman and Lee pointed out, they needed time to “incubate, gestate and barrel-age the season in [their] mindwombs.”

The Heart, She Holler chronicles the ongoing struggle of shamelessly slutty Hurshe (Amy Sedaris) and telekinetically inclined Hambrosia (Heather Lawless) to [...]

Talking to Vernon Chatman About 'Wonder Showzen,' His Standup Beginnings, and His New Book 'Mindsploitation'

If there’s a comedy equivalent of Rick Rubin, it’s Vernon Chatman.

Just as Rubin has become known for producing some of the music industry’s most seminal albums, Chatman has become known as a go-to behind-the-scenes guy for some of television’s most critically-acclaimed comedies. The list of shows he’s written for and produced includes The Chris Rock Show, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Louie, and South Park. He’s also a founding member of PFFR, the production company behind Adult Swim’s Delocated and the hilariously demented Xavier: Renegade Angel, as well as MTV’s Wonder Showzen, which he co-created.

As gonzo as some of his PFFR shows are, they are nothing compared to [...]

The Heart, She Holler' Is Returning to Adult Swim with Scott Adsit as the New Sheriff

Adult Swim announced in a press release today that they've renewed Vernon Chatman and John Lee's series The Heart, She Holler for a third season, which will add former 30 Rock star Scott Adsit as a series regular alongside Patton Oswalt, Amy Sedaris, and Heather Lawless. "We are thrilled to be hyped that we are amped about how much we are pumped that the unreasonably funny and talented Scott Adsit will be replacing the irreplaceable Joe Sikora on season three of The Heart, She Holler in the titular role of 'Sheriff,'" Lee and Chatman said in a statement. Production for the new season is currently underway; for more on [...]

Patton Oswalt's 'The Heart, She Holler' Returns Sept. 10

Adult Swim's strangest show is headed back to TV. The network announced today that season two of The Heart, She Holler will premiere Tuesday, September 10th at 12:30am. Created by PFFR's Vernon Chatman and John Lee, The Heart, She Holler stars Patton Oswalt as the long-lost, cave-dwelling son of a Southern family who gets to run the town of Heartshe Holler. Adult Swim will begin airing season one, which premiered in the fall of 2011, each night at 12:30am beginning September 2nd. Amy Sedaris joins the cast of The Heart, She Holler this season as a "special guest star," taking over the role Kristen Schaal played in season one.

Andy Kaufman Is Releasing His First-Ever Comedy Album This Summer

Andy Kaufman is the second beloved dead comedian to have a new project announced this week. Following Tuesday's news of an animated film based on a rare Phil Hartman recording, record label Drag City announced yesterday that they'll be releasing a comedy album called Andy and His Grandmother, which is assembled from 82 hours of micro-cassette tapes Andy Kaufman recorded between 1977 and 1979. From the press release:

Andy regarded the micro-tape recorder as a fantastic new way of capturing his hoaxing, and carried it with him everywhere, for use at any given moment. Real life was the ultimate frontier for him, and these tapes demonstrate the heart [...]

Watch a Pastor Flip Out Over a Very Satanic 'Wonder Showzen' Episode

Yesterday a YouTube clip surfaced of a pastor named Daniel Castle raging out over an episode of John Lee and Vernon Chatman's delightfully bizarre children's show spoof Wonder Showzen, which aired on MTV2 from 2005-2006, and it's gloriously entertaining. Considering Christians eat God's body every Sunday, I'm not sure why the concept of Whitey's Gobtastic God Sauce would be so offensive. [via Uproxx]

'Andy and His Grandmother': Andy Kaufman Is Still Trying to Mess With You From the Grave

Andy Kaufman is definitely dead. He definitely died at the too-young age of 35 years old of lung cancer in 1984. But because he was a comedian who for the last few years of his life loved to prank people, even smart folks believe that he is still alive. It is the power of Kaufman (and the leg work of Bob Zmuda continually dressing up as Kaufman character Tony Clifton) to keep the ruse going almost thirty years later, but it keeps the spotlight on the practical joke aspect of Andy Kaufman's professional career, and continues to overshadow the other types of comedy he had done. The man did [...]

Vernon Chatman Wrote a Book, and Louis C.K. Wrote the Intro

Vernon Chatman, who runs the production company PFFR and has written and/or produced a list of shows a mile long that includes Wonder ShowzenSouth Park, and Louie, is releasing a new book next month called Mindsploitation: Asinine Assignments for Online Homework Cheating Industry. For the book, Chatman paid a bunch of online companies to write a series of absurd essays for him to test the limits of the homework-for-hire industry. Louis C.K., who met Chatman when they were both writing for The Chris Rock Show and recently hired him to produce Louie, wrote the intro to the book, and Matt Stone, John Hodgman, and Bill Hader all blurbed [...]