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'Vice's Harry Cheadle Tries Out Being Louis C.K.

In the second episode of his Vice web series, All-Around Losing, columnist Harry Cheadle tries out stand-up comedy for the first time in New York's rough open mic scene. Cheadle's quest takes him to places like Cha Cha's Cafe and Bar, where the Hawaiian shirt-clad owner, a man named Cha Cha, demonstrates his own comedy prowess outside. Cha Cha has finally found a way to combine beloved comedy topics like racism and "I can't get laid" into one clever, tight joke. By the end of his journey, Cheadle soon learns that being Louis C.K. is harder than it looks, and that C.K.'s opening credits are much easier to recreate [...]

The Year's Best Humor Writing 2011

It's a good thing I enjoy humor because, if I had to estimate, I'd put the number of humor pieces I've read this year somewhere in the low thousands. As a fan — and as someone who's numb to the embarrassment that comes with laughing aloud while riding public transportation — I imagine I'd have read some fraction of these just for fun. But as someone who’s had the privilege of editing Splitsider's Humor Section for the past nine months and compiling the list below (who am I kidding? tl;dr), I’ve been overwhelmed in the best way possible by the volume and quality of the humorists populating the [...]

Neil Hamburger's Anti-AXE Art Contest That AXE Tried to Kill

Neil Hamburger writes a column for Vice Magazine, as do some other comedians, such as Rob Delaney. One of his more recent pieces pertained to AXE body spray, which you may know from its ubiquitous advertising featuring sexy ladies who will do anything for a shlub who smells like a frathouse medicine cabinet. Well, apparently AXE wasn't so hot on the piece, which contained gems such as this: AXE’s master chemist seems to be developing their various fragrances by dumping varying amounts of Hawaiian Punch and/or Country Time Lemonade into the trough-style urinals at Dodger Stadium during the top of the 9th inning—the end product an amalgam resulting [...]

Rob Delaney and the Connection Between Pain and Comedy

Rob Delaney's intro to the new Vice comedy issue is very much worth reading: There is a popular belief, in and out of comedy, that comedians tell jokes and endeavor to make others laugh as a means of treating the pain they feel inside; that depression and drug and alcohol abuse plague the world of comedy. Is this true? For me, the answer happens to be yes. Among the first things I do each morning is take two prescription depression medications, Lexapro and Cymbalta. Right before or right after that, I post my first joke of the day on Twitter. I take the medication because I deal with severe [...]

Vice's Epic 11,000-Word Eastbound and Down Profile

If you read one article about Eastbound and Down and Danny McBride in preparation of this Sunday's season premiere, make it Vice's epic, 11,000 word profile of the show and the people behind it. It's excellent, and if you're still curious about the show and its production after you read it, it's on you.

Rob Delaney Talks About Being Rob Delaney and Says "Cop" 80 Times

This is your chance to watch Rob "Some Have Termed, King of Twitter" Delaney take one of his 140-character comedy bombs and explain exactly what he was thinking to such detail that the Tweet is hardly funny anymore. He also takes a giant bite out of a sandwich and admits to not killing people. His advice for new Tweeters is to use the words "cop" and "asshole" until you're blue in face or asshole, you cop.

Mike Judge On Bringing Back Beavis And Butt-Head

Mike Judge talked to Vice about the journey of bringing Beavis and Butt-Head back to the small screen, addressing concerns that the pairs' taste in rock T-shirts and music videos will now be a little dated:

…even at the time in ’92, I remember people at MTV would say that AC/DC and Metallica were old references. They were like, “Maybe it should be Nirvana or Pearl Jam or something else, you know?” It was already unhip to begin with, but to me it’s more like a state of mind than a cultural reference to a particular time period, even though there are some specific references. So it’s about [...]

Marc Maron on Defiance, Intimacy and the Creative Mindset of Celine Dion

If you've ever heard his podcast before, you can imagine the kind of emotionally incisive musings you're going to find in Marc Maron's Vice interview about WTF. Of course, that doesn't mean you aren't to get choked up at the dignity he ascribes to all of our poop jokes. Says Maron, comedians "defy people to love them and if they can build something out of that, then they’ve got a truly dark and beautiful gift to give to the people who are willing to get it. Celine Dion never says, 'Fuck them, fuck my audience.'" Out loud anyway.

Maron talks at length about the relationship he's built with [...]

Behind the Scenes of Jackass 3D

VBS.tv has a fun behind-the-scenes look at Jackass 3D, the movie that opens tomorrow that I am definitely seeing. And you can't shame me out of it, god dammit.

This Jon Glaser Interview Is Physically Painful But Not for the Reason You Think

It begins as just another interview with Jon Glaser of Delocated, who drinks some beers with paper wings and talks about the benefits of writing and performing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Once Glaser gets into the limitations of playing a character whose face is concealed and how season 3 will see Jon training to go pro as a basketball player, however, his charming anecdotes about his son are all but impossible to pay attention to because the interviewer is simultaneously getting a tattoo of an ambiguously angry pheasant. I want an interview with this interviewer. Possible questions: How were you still asking questions and not grimacing [...]

Let Rob Delaney Explain the Debt Ceiling Negotiations to You

Rob Delaney's grand metaphor for the debt ceiling negotiations is the only political analysis you need.

Rob Delaney Gives Vice His Dos and Don'ts

King of Twitter Rob Delaney helped out the gang at Vice with the latest round of their "DOs & DON'Ts" series, passing judgement on a bunch of photos of people out on the town. Warning: there is more than one example of bare man ass in here.

This Month's Vice Cover Model: Kenny Fucking Powers

First Men's Fitness, now Vice. The next natural step is for Kenny Powers to be on the cover of Cosmo with 81 pieces of advice on how to please your man.