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Here's the Season 2 Premiere of 'Norm Macdonald Live' with Ray Romano

After nearly a year away, Norm Macdonald returned to the airwaves yesterday with the season two premiere of Norm Macdonald Live, his show on the Video Podcast Network. The 20-episode season will air weekly on Mondays at 9pm EST, with guests like Bob Saget and Adam Sandler set to appear later this season. Ray Romano is the guest in the premiere, which finds him talking about how Everybody Loves Raymond came to be, taking a video call from Fred Stoller, and reading monologue jokes with Norm Macdonald.

Watch the First Episode of Norm Macdonald's Video Podcast

Here's the first episode of Norm Macdonald Live, a new show from the comedian that will be airing every Monday from 9 to 10pm EST on the Video Podcast Network, a new YouTube channel that also airs shows from Scott Aukerman, Adam Carolla, and the Earwolf network. On Norm Macdonald Live, Macdonald is joined each week by co-host Adam Eget, a manager at the Comedy Store, and his guest for this first episode is Super Dave Osborne. After each episode episode airs, it will be posted on Macdonald's YouTube channel at youtube.com/NormMacdonald and on iTunes. It's odd that it's taken so long for Macdonald to start podcasting because he's so [...]

Watch the 200th Episode of 'Comedy Bang Bang' with Andy Daly and Jason Mantzoukas

Comedy Bang Bang experienced a podcasting milestone this week that few other shows have achieved: a 200th episode. Here's full video of the 200th show, released via Earwolf and the Video Podcast Network. Scott Aukerman's guests are Jason Mantzoukas and Andy Daly, who are probably the best guest duo in Comedy Bang Bang history. Here's to 200 more episodes!

Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts Are Working on Stuff for a New YouTube Channel

The Hollywood Reporter announced yesterday that Daniel Kellison, creator of The Man Show and ex-producer of Jimmy Kimmel Live, is developing two new YouTube channels, Jash and Video Podcast Network, which are both expected to launch in January. Jash is a comedy network that will feature content from Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Tim & Eric, and Reggie Watts (all of whom have had a great deal of success with web vids in the past), while Video Podcast Network will present – you guessed it – video versions of popular podcasts. Adam Carolla is so far the first and only one to sign onto Video Podcast Network, but [...]

Norm Macdonald's Video Podcast Returns May 12th

Here's an action-packed promo for Norm Macdonald's video podcast, Norm Macdonald Live, which is returning on Monday, live at 6pm PST on the Video Podcast Network, after nearly a year off the air. The 20-episode second season will kick off with Ray Romano as a guest. Adam Sandler and Bob Saget are also doing the show this season. The show featured guests like Larry King, Billy Bob Thornton, and Russell Brand last year. Macdonald is currently at the center of a Twitter campaign to make him the new host of CBS's The Late Late Show, so we'll see if he addresses that upon his video podcast return.

Norm Macdonald Will Answer Your Questions on His New Podcast Tonight

Norm Macdonald is hosting the first episode of his new video podcast, Norm Macdonald Live, today from 9 to 10pm EST on the Video Podcast Network. He'll be joined by guest Super Dave Osborne, and he'll be taking questions from fans, so pull out your notebooks and notebooks full of questions for Norm Macdonald and email them off to videopodcastnetwork@gmail.com right away.

Watch Paul Scheer and Casey Wilson in 'Comedy Bang Bang's First Video Podcast

Scott Aukerman and Jeff Ullrich's comedy company Earwolf has partnered with the Video Podcast Network to start releasing live video episodes of its most popular shows. Here's Comedy Bang Bang's first video podcast, which was recorded at the Sundance Film Festival last weekend, with guests Casey Wilson, Michaela Watkins, Lake Bell, and Paul Scheer (as sleazebag Hollywood promoter Scott Jeffries). A live Earwolf show (either Who Charted?, How Did This Get Made?, or Comedy Bang Bang) will stream every Thursday at 6PM PST on Earwolf's YouTube channel. Watching podcasts is more exciting than watching radio shows but less exciting than watching TV shows.

Watch the 100th Episode of Tig Notaro's Podcast 'Professor Blastoff'

Professor Blastoff, a show in which three comedians discuss science, philosphy, and metaphysics, celebrated a podcasting milestone last week: a 100th episode. For the special installment, hosts Tig Notaro, Kyle Dunnigan, and David Huntsberger, did their first ever live video episode, which you can watch in its entirety above. Now, you finally know what Professor Blastoff looks like.

Norm Macdonald Is Getting a Video Podcast

The Video Podcast Network just announced on Twitter the launch of a new show hosted by Norm Macdonald that will debut next week. Aptly titled Norm Macdonald Live, the show will debut streaming on the Video Pocast Network this Monday, March 25th, at 6PM PST. Macdonald's guest on that first show will be Super Dave Osborne. Macdonald shot a TBS pilot for a show inspired by the day's pop culture and social media called Norm Macdonald Is Trending last year, but the network picked up Pete Holmes's late night talk show for the post-Conan slot instead. His last regular TV gig was in 2011, hosting [...]

'Comedy Bang Bang' and Other Earwolf Shows Join Video Podcast Network

Here's a delightful video from Comedy Bang Bang host and Earwolf Podcast Network boss Scott Aukerman, announcing his participation in Adam Carolla's Video Podcast Network (or VPN), which just launched this week and will present fully-produced visual versions of popular podcasts. Earwolf shows like Comedy Bang Bang, Paul Scheer's How Did This Get Made?, and Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack's Who Charted? will be recording live visual episodes for VPN. VPN launches this Friday at the Sundance Film Festival with a live Comedy Bang Bang with guest Paul Scheer set for 5PM PST/8PM EST. Hit the jump for the full schedule of shows (including You Made It Weird and Call Chelsea [...]