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16 of Conan O'Brien's Most Memorable Remote Segments

Since Conan O'Brien made his late-night host debut on Late Night in 1993, he's never shied away from taking his work out of the studio and onto the streets, whether that be New York City during his NBC days, the Los Angeles area during his current run on TBS, and beyond — from small town America to across the pond. O'Brien has led countless unforgettable remote segments over the past 20 years, and after his recent weeklong visit to Dallas and turn hosting the MTV Movie Awards this past weekend, here's a look at some of his best and most ridiculous out-of-studio visits from the past two [...]

Will Ferrell's Finest Late Night Talk Show Appearances

As he proved yet again in his Tonight Show figure skating performance last night, Will Ferrell is never a boring talk show guest. Whether he's promoting a new project as himself or gussied up and disguised as an extravagant alter ego, Ferrell consistently brings a warm yet sarcastic approach to all of his late night interviews and knows how to fall into perfect bantering chemistry opposite everyone from David Letterman to his longtime Groundlings buddy Conan O'Brien. From the mid-nineties up through the end of last year, here's a look at some of Ferrell's best appearances on the late night talk show circuit over the years.

8 Great Sketches from 5 Years of 'Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon turns 5 this year, and since Fallon took over as host in 2009, he's made it uniquely his own by bringing musical and sketch comedy elements to the show on a nightly basis. Whether he's reuniting with fellow SNL alums in a sketch, teaming up with Justin Timberlake for another viral hit, or disappearing into another chameleonic impersonation of a pop culture figure or legendary musician, Fallon has time and again proven himself to be consistently fresh, funny, and collaborative with any celebrity guest thrown his way. In celebration of his five years on Late Night — and in anticipation of things to come [...]

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake Being Hilarious: The Complete Collection

The 2002 MTV Video Music Awards were a pivotal moment for both Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Timberlake was there to debut himself as a solo performer with his soon-to-be-hit song "Like I Love You," and Fallon was there as host in the heat of his SNL fame. The two met backstage and sparked a friendship, and the rest is history. From Timberlake's 2003 SNL hosting gig to his honorary spot on the first episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to his weeklong Late Night "Timberweek" stay, this musical/comedy duo has been producing tons of catchy, absurd, and hilarious sketches together over the past ten years. To celebrate [...]

The Best of Chris Elliott on Letterman

Chris Elliott was an important part of David Letterman's Late Night ever since it began. While working as an NBC page, Elliott met and impressed Letterman, who hired him onto the show as part of its original writing staff in 1982. Elliott wrote for Late Night alongside other influential comedy scribes like Jim Downey, Merrill Markoe, Andy Breckman, and George Meyer, and he quickly started appearing on camera, making his acting debut on the show just a couple of weeks into Late Night's run.

Elliott soon became a beloved part of the show, often playing himself or a bevy of snotty recurring characters like The Guy Under the Seats, Marv [...]

The Beginner's Guide to the Canadian Mockumentary Series 'Trailer Park Boys'

Last month, Netflix announced that the Canadian comedy series Trailer Park Boys is returning for an eighth and ninth season on the streaming network after a seven-year hiatus. While the show became a big hit in Canada, it has yet to gain the same level of superfandom down in the States, but that might be about to change with the arrival of new seasons and, as of yesterday, the availability of seasons 1-7 on Netflix Instant. Whether you're unfamiliar with the series or a diehard TPB fan, here's a brief guide to Mike Clattenburg's misfit Canadian world of the ex-cons, weed-growers, and kitty lovers of Sunnyvale.

For the [...]

An Introduction to 'SNL's New Cast Member and 'Weekend Update' Co-Anchor, Colin Jost

Earlier today, Saturday Night Live announced that one of the show's head writers, Colin Jost, will be joining the cast in March and taking Seth Meyers's place as "Weekend Update" co-anchor alongside Cecily Strong. Jost, a Harvard graduate and former president of the Harvard Lampoon, has been working on SNL for years. He started as a writer in 2005 and was promoted to being one of the show's head writers in 2012. Jost is also a busy standup. He's opened for Seth Meyers frequently and has done standup on shows like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show. Jost also recently wrote his [...]

The 36 Best Sketches of 2013

2013 was an excellent year for sketch comedy on both television and across the web. Online venues like Funny or Die, UCB Comedy, and Above Average delivered a constant stream of funny content while Key and Peele, Inside Amy Schumer, Kroll Show, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and The Birthday Boys showed Comedy Central and IFC stepping up their sketch comedy game as well. On top of all that, 38-year stalwart Saturday Night Live underwent one of its biggest cast transitions in years, resulting in a surprisingly varied sketch selection from both the outgoing veterans and new hires. So with that, here are 36 of our favorite sketches from the year [...]

John Goodman's 9 Best 'SNL' Sketches

This Saturday, John Goodman returns to host Saturday Night Live for the first time in over a decade. Prior to this week's show, Goodman was a nineties SNL staple and took on hosting gigs for thirteen nearly consecutive years between 1989-2001 (he took a break in 1991), bringing the always welcome gruff big-guy Dan Conner vibe to a host of memorable sketches from the Swerski Superfans to the Bill Brasky salesmen to any news story involving Linda Tripp. In celebration of Goodman's return to SNL this week, here are nine of his best sketches from years past, from earliest to most recent:

Here Are a Bunch of Rare TV Pilots Starring Bob Odenkirk, Patton Oswalt, and Andy Kaufman

Every year, TV networks spend millions of dollars making pilots for shows that never see the light of day. Occasionally, those pilots surface online, and I stumbled upon a whole bunch of them recently that I had never seen on the internet before and embedded them below.

From the Bob Odenkirk-Janeane Garofalo HBO comedy Life on Mars to the US adaptation of The IT Crowd with Joel McHale, from Andy Kaufman's first sitcom role as a robot to a bunch of questionable TV adaptations of popular movies, it's a fascinating bunch of failed comedy pilots that have rarely (if ever) been seen by the general public. Enjoy!

Conan O'Brien's Best Non-Talk Show Hosting Moments

Last night, Conan O'Brien announced that he's set to host the MTV Movie Awards next month. While this is surprisingly the first time O'Brien has been hired to host the MTV awards show, he's certainly no stranger to bringing a consistently funny and delightfully weird performance to all of his hosting gigs, from his time on Late Night, The Tonight Show, and Conan to a slew of host and guest speaker spots he's had since the mid-'90s. To anticipate what's sure to be an entertaining MTV Movie Awards come April 13th, here's a look at some of Conan's best non-talk show hosting moments, from the earliest to most [...]

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Being Hilarious: The Complete Collection

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are hosting the Golden Globes this Sunday, and if their performance last year is any indication, we can count on it being the year's only awards show worth watching. Tina and Amy's comedic chemistry goes back almost 15 years to their time together on Saturday Night Live, where they appeared in numerous memorable sketches together and served as the first and only two-woman Weekend Update anchor team in the show's history. To get excited for what's sure to be another delightful Fey/Poehler Golden Globes hosting gig this weekend, here's a look at all the times these two comedy queens have appeared together, from their [...]

Adam McKay's 9 Favorite 'SNL' Sketches He Wrote

Before he became one of the country's leading comedy directors, helming films like Anchorman, Talladega Nights, and Step Brothers, Adam McKay spent six years working on Saturday Night Live. Hired on as a staff writer in 1995, he was promoted to head writer in 1996, a position he held until handing it over to Tina Fey in 1999. McKay then became the show's resident filmmaker. He asked for — and got — the absurd job title "Coordinator of Falconry" and was able to do whatever he wanted on the show until he left in 2001 to make movies.

During an AMA on Reddit to promote his latest movie, Anchorman 2, [...]

A Video Guide to 'SNL's Bill Brasky

After a 15-year hiatus, the classic "Bill Brasky" sketch made a comeback on SNL this weekend, with Taran Killam and host Paul Rudd joining Will Ferrell and David Koechner as the rowdy group of bucktoothed alcoholic salesmen who take turns delivering drunken homages to their legendary coworker and son-of-a-bitch Bill Brasky. As one of the earliest collaborations between Will Ferrell and head writer Adam McKay, the "Brasky Buddies" served as some of the most inexplicably funny and quotable 10-to-1 sketches of the late 90s and gave players Mark McKinney and David Koechner (who was hired out of Chicago alongside McKay) some much-needed screen time. The Brasky Buddies have [...]