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'ANiMASHUPS': Exploring the Possibilities of the Animated Podcast

For my money, there are few things on this big, blue marble we call Earth more awe-inspiring and superlative than the amalgamation of comedy and animation. Screw off, peanut butter and chocolate. Hit the bricks, mortar and bricks! Take a breather, unstable sociopaths and boxes of abandoned puppies. The good folks from Jash and VPN obviously agree, which is where ANiMASHUPS, their series of animated podcasts, comes in.

ANiMASHUPS, which first appeared on Jash’s sister network the Video Podcast Network back in mid-February of 2013, has released over 58 videos to date and features material taken from over eight different partnered podcasts. We were lucky enough to speak with the [...]

'Comedy Bang Bang' and Other Earwolf Shows Join Video Podcast Network

Here's a delightful video from Comedy Bang Bang host and Earwolf Podcast Network boss Scott Aukerman, announcing his participation in Adam Carolla's Video Podcast Network (or VPN), which just launched this week and will present fully-produced visual versions of popular podcasts. Earwolf shows like Comedy Bang Bang, Paul Scheer's How Did This Get Made?, and Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack's Who Charted? will be recording live visual episodes for VPN. VPN launches this Friday at the Sundance Film Festival with a live Comedy Bang Bang with guest Paul Scheer set for 5PM PST/8PM EST. Hit the jump for the full schedule of shows (including You Made It Weird and Call Chelsea [...]