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Comedy Central Orders a Pilot Based on Above Average's Animated Series 'Waco Valley'

Comedy Central is developing another new animated show. The cable network is developing a half-hour pilot based on Ben Warheit & Landline TV's web series Waco Valley, which was made and released through Above Average, the digital arm of Lorne Michaels's company Broadway Video. A six-part animated series about a dinosaur reporter that debuted in fall of 2012, Waco Valley was co-created and produced by Warheit and Jared Neumark, Saj Pothiawala, and Paul Briganti of Landline TV. Since Waco Valley premiered, Warheit was hired to write for two Seth Meyers series: his Hulu animated show The Awesomes and his upcoming version of NBC's Late Night.

Waco Valley is part of [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Waco Valley'

“Just let it happen. The best things come when you just let it happen.”

It’s something many ultra-creative people say as they sip their beers and bask in a glow that seems as accidental as it is divine. They never set out to be awesome. It just turned out that way. “Just let it happen.” I wish I could! I wish I had that kind of peace of mind, but I don’t. I want it to happen now. NOW! FASTER! FASTER!

That’s why I’m envious of people like Ben Warheit.

Creator of Broadway Video’s Above Average channel’s refreshingly offbeat animated series Waco Valley, Warheit didn’t set out to [...]