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The 91 Best Comedies Currently Streaming Online

As Netflix original shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards made splashes at the Golden Globes, it’s easy to forget that Netflix started as a movie delivery service. But Netflix, along with Amazon and Hulu, still offers plenty of great comedy movies and TV shows across a range of sub-genres. We sorted through those absurdly specific categories, stoner-pandering straight-to-streaming movies, and frustrating-looking standup specials to compile the best 91 comedies available for streaming across the three services. (This is a guide just to streaming services, so great shows like Eagleheart and The Eric Andre Show which are both available via their network's [...]

The 55 Best Comedies Available to Watch Instantly on Netflix

The Netflix Watch Instantly feature is amazing. Whether on your computer, phone, iPad or TV, it allows you to watch thousands upon thousands of movies, TV shows and specials whenever you want for a very cheap monthly fee.

The problem? The selection is hit-and-miss, to put it mildly. For every classic Richard Pryor standup special, there are a half-dozen specials by Carlos Mencia. For every Throw Mama From the Train there are 10 National Lampoon movies from the 90s.

So allow me to make things a little easier. Here are 55 movies, TV shows and standup specials available on Netflix Watch Instantly. Whether or not you're new to Netflix [...]

The 82 Best Comedies Currently Streaming on Netflix

As Netflix becomes a spot for television binge-watching, ventures into the world of original content with House of Cards, and prepares to make a lot of people really, really happy by finally bringing back Arrested Development, it can be hard to remember what Netflix was originally there for — flix for the Net! Right?

The website is constantly adding a ton of new titles that can often slip by unnoticed if they don't make it into your homepage recommendations. Amid the weird knock-off movies and forgettable television that is forever at everyone's fingertips, there is also a pretty good amount of quality comedy on the streaming service.

Here are [...]

What's Good on Netflix Instant This Month?

The worst feeling in the universe may be the desperation of aimlessnessly poking around Netflix Instant trying to find something better than the weird foreign dramas it keeps inexplicably recommending to you. Follow our advice and you'll never have to reluctantly watch The Bicycle Thief ever again. Here are the greatest additions to Netflix Instant from the past month.


Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead Reviews say "This is Hamlet as if it were written by Kurt Vonnegut Jr, filmed by Fellini, and performed by Laurel and Hardy." I have to stop writing now so I can go watch this immediately.