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This Week In Web Videos: 'Studio Heads'

I realize I’m about to tread on some touchy territory but just hear me out. Maybe, just maybe, we’re all a little prejudiced when it comes to our entertainment choices, and it’s sort of understandable. Because pleasure is usually derived — especially in terms of comedy — from content we relate to, it makes sense that the more focused a particular piece of content is on situations endemic to a certain demographic (race, creed, age group, whatever), the better it’s going to hit within that group. That concept is kind of what the whole TV and advertising industries are founded on. “Oh, we’d like to target 35-year-old white women with [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'How To NOT Win Back Your Ex'

Person is born. Person is made somewhat insecure by the travails of daily life and, for some reason, feels a little better when people laugh at him. Person decides to become a comedian. That’s the first half of the life cycle for 99 percent of people who decide to pursue a career in comedy. The other half is the part that determines whether those people will die cold and alone (i.e. be successful) or whether they’ll go on to be happy (oof, tough break). To achieve success, a person needs to bare the deepest excesses of his soul, turning the painful into the true and the true into funny. [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Sad Boss'

There are lots of web series on the Internet. Few will capture your office mates’ attention and have them laughing out loud in under 30 seconds. This one will (assuming your office mates don’t completely suck). That’s because creator and star Mike Cullen has artfully mastered the ways of deadpan alt-comedy, the kind of stuff that makes me love Will Ferrell’s “Worst Boss Ever” (sorry about the vintage video) sketch more than my own parents and strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who watches anything on network television. Prepare to be tickled, and a little bit upset.

Tell me about your comedy background. 

I’m from the [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Annie and a Side of Fries'

Everyone says “Write what you know.” Well, not literally everyone but a lot of people do — people who give advice on writing. And that trick of the trade can seem daunting because most of us don’t know about explosions or steamy love affairs or astronauts exploding on their cheating spouses for having steamy love affairs…in space. No, most of us are most familiar with more normal stuff like family or school or work and, because none of those buckets seem exciting in and of themselves, our first reaction is often to buck the pro’s wisdom and write something that we think is cool and will set us apart. [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Little Horribles'

All comedians say they want to collaborate with other funny people. We want everyone to think we’re super nice and easy going and we say things like “cool cool cool” before giving notes on any idea so as not to risk offending the person we’re giving notes to, and of course they won’t be offended because, you know, we said “cool” three times so we’re obviously very nice and diplomatic. But no matter how many “cools” we rattle off, no matter how many times we say we really work best in a group, there’s a small egomaniacal piece of every one of us that believes our ideas are the [...]

This Week in Web Videos: 'The Audition'

Last week, we published the 90th installment of This Week In Web Video’s (formerly called “This Week’s Web Series You Need To Watch”). It follows that this week’s write-up is the 91st installment. That’s 9 away from 100, 100 away from 200, and 800 away from 1,000. Bottom line is, we’ve talked about a lot of great web content here, and there’s a long, wide, impeccably paved road ahead, leading to a whole lot more chatter. This week, I thought it wise to take a step back, so we could collectively appreciate The Audition one of the simplest, most pure pieces of short-form comedy I’ve ever seen [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Breaking Bad Sadness' and 'People Freaking Out About the End of Breaking Bad'

So, the shoot’s over. Everyone had a great time high-fiving and doing impressions and eating the single bag of Doritos you brought as crafty. Then you ask the question of all questions, the one you’ve been carrying deep inside since the shoot started: “Cool, so when do we think it’s going to be edited?” And you don’t mean like a rough edit, you mean like completely done and perfect. So you can plaster it all over Facebook and tweet it and email it to mom and dad in a desperate attempt to convince them that you’re “doing stuff.” No matter what the response to your transparent little question, you [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Jean Claude Van Damme on the ArScheerio Paul Show'

It’s Wednesday, ya’ll, and that means you’re in for a web video treat! Actually, it means you’re in for a bunch of them, assuming you haven’t perused the recently launched YouTube comedy factory, Jash. If you have, you know why I’m so excited. Oh baby, it’s good. Featuring original content from some of the biggest names in comedy (Sarah Silverman, Tim and Eric, Reggie Watts!), it’s what all web video should be. And with only 25,000 subscribers and 46 videos to date, you’ve got the chance to jump in on the ground floor. I suggest getting your feet wet with Paul Scheer’s The ArScheerio Paul Show (recently covered [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Last Night'

If you like inviting friends to Facebook fan pages you’ve created for yourself or your series and enjoy tweeting links to the latest episodes of… whatever the fuck, then there’s probably something a little bit wrong with you. If you feel sort of uncomfortable about self-promotion and do it anyway because you know it’s the only way to get your hard work out there, then you’re just like me (fan page here, I apologize) and John Trowbridge — the writer/creator behind a hilarious new series called Last Night, featuring a troupe of New York web comedy mainstays like Ben Warheit, Molly Gaebe, and Boris Khaykin and [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Omelette Sunday'

We’ve covered so many superb web contributions in the almost two years that this column has been running. 78 of them to be exact. And today, we return to the series that started all this silly web magic: Tiny Apartment. Sort of. We’re really returning to the creator/stars behind it: Jesse Cantrell, Mike O’Gorman, and Pat Driscoll — veritable titans in the Internet comedy realm, familiar faces on many a TV commercial and late-night variety show, and now, bonafide TV big wigs with the sale of a Comedy Central pilot we’re eagerly awaiting.

With so many TV successes, it wouldn’t be unfathomable to think they’d stop breaking [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Precious Plum'

Way back, a long long time ago (in the early 2000s), a little sketch group called Dutch West became one of the first collectives of writers and performers who were adept at pumping out consistently high-quality comedic content for next to nothing or, literally, nothing. Their undeniable talents soon landed many of them at CollegeHumor where they formed an Internet comedy super group that has helped propel that site into one of the most recognizable online brands in the entertainment space. (Full disclosure: I work there, but I thought all this even when I didn’t.) Year after year, video after video, the CollegeHumor Originals team has managed to turn [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Japanese Commercial Reel'

George Kareman. George Kareman. George Kareman. George Kareman. Tired of reading George Kareman’s name yet? Well then maybe you shouldn’t look at the credits in any TV show or movie or awesome web video ever again because I’m predicting this lad will have his name in bold quite a bit in the months to come, especially after releasing gems like Long Haired Businessmen earlier this year and now splashing onto the scene with Japanese Commercial Reel which is one of the funniest, most creative, brilliantly executed production-intensive projects I’ve seen in a while. Kareman’s small but powerful body of web work has proven — I think undeniably — [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Two Jasperjohns'

“Keep it simple.” Hear it once, it’s one person’s opinion. Hear it twice, maybe that second person’s friends with the first guy who said it. Hear it 100 times, it’s good, true advice that you need to follow. In the web space, location and cast-light projects are the ones that survive the test of time because they’re the easiest to make. And if you’re like Two Jasperjohns creator Vinny Lopez, that consistent artistic outlet and experimentation space is one that churns out some pretty fantastic content no matter what the view count. So it’d be a shame to have to plug up the idea spigot due to lack of [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'The Real Rob'

Web series are different from TV shows for lots of reasons: They’re lower budget, they’re shorter, they’re not on TV. Unless you have a Roku or Apple TV or a smart TV something; then you can actually stream them on TV so I guess that part’s not completely accurate. Whatever, they’re definitely shorter and lower budget. What they are not is easier to get off the ground and keep in the public’s eye.

With scores of new web projects bombarding us on every social media channel each and every day, a season of good work isn’t enough to stay top of mind. No, the new model for web success [...]