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This Week In Web Videos: Maria Bamford's 'Ask My Mom!'

Last week, I got to live out a childhood dream and talk to Maria Bamford, a woman I watched on many a standup special as a wee lad. She makes me laugh now just as much as she did then and her new My Damn Channel series, Ask My Mom! has a lot to do with that. Maria was kind enough to talk with Splitsider about the series and, without further ado, I present a very talented individual who’s also as humble as they come.

Did you make these on spec, just kind of for fun? 

Yes. Well for me it was fun, but Precision Productions + Post and [...]

This Week In Web Videos: Passive Aggressive Friends Talking About Their Ambitions (PAFTATA)

Never in the storied history of this column has there been a series that is more viscerally relatable than Passive Aggressive Friends Talking About Their Ambitions (PAFTATA). In an age of millennial disillusionment with traditional jobs where you have to “…work like 40 hours a week and not even be famous for it,” this web series is the perfect mantra for legions of twenty-somethings who were brought up to believe they are special and taught that being quietly evil is better than being overtly rude. As mom and dad said, networking’s important and you never want to burn a bridge.

Created, written by, and starring Max Azulay and [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Pigeon Pick Up Artist'

For every 10 college seniors who tell friends that they're going to pursue a career in comedy after graduation, maybe 1 actually does. (Unless those 10 go to Harvard. If they go to Harvard, then every one will probably go on to write for SNL or the New Yorker or Conan or all of those things because their big Harvard brains allow them to do everything that's great all at once.) Don't get me wrong — the other 9 probably had every intention of making a go in the funny business and maybe they did for a little while, but comedy's brutal and most can't stand the heat of [...]

This Week In Web Videos: Conversations With a Twitter Feed

As Americans, we’re obsessed with two things: Celebrities and a good old-fashioned roll in the hay with our best guy or gal. We also like Twitter and comedians which, admittedly, has a lot more to do with this week’s featured series—Conversations With A Twitter Feed (CWATF).

Created by tech startup dude turned web comedy innovator Alex Mann, Conversations is more than an Internet series, it’s a mini-movement with which top comedians all over New York are familiar. The kind of thing that’s great now but will be monumental (and meta) in 5 years when all of the people on Mann’s show have Twitter feeds so large and influential [...]

This Week In Web Videos: Jared Posts A Personal

No money. Dearth of bite-size, 1-3-minute ideas. Limited production experience.

There are plenty of reasons not to turn the web series idea you’ve got from imagination figment to Internet reality, but not a single one of them is valid. Web video is a playground — a limitless expanse for anyone who dares to take a risk. Sure, that lack of definition makes the space scary, but it also makes it wide open to new talent. Just ask Nick Ciaverella, co-creator and star of Jared Posts A Personal. Together with co-creators and stars, Tim Dean and Jared Warner, and director Adam Wirtz, Ciaverella plunged into the murky waters of self-produced, [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Good Cop Great Cop'

If you were to click over to your Facebook tab right now and give your news feed a couple of hardy scrolls down, you’d likely find a smattering of announcements, invitations, and solicitations all coming from friends who’ve decided to give up the 9 to 5 in favor a life less ordinary. Great, good for them. That’s fantastic and cool. If they stick with it. Unfortunately, the allure of creating a smartphone app that tests water’s purity or starting the first ever social network for adventure-minded senior citizens wears off when these hopeful souls realize the hardest part of making it on your own is not writing a status [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Slutty Clothes'

Spring is finally here, and that means sunglasses, Frisbee tossing, and lots of dudes prancing around in Slutty Clothes. "Wait, what?" You heard me. That's what it means. At least according to New York-based sketch group Simply Unemployable's latest release — a goofy ode to 1980's "hot girl" movie montages and a male culture that annually celebrates girls bearing springtime skin.

The production value is fantastic as is the (prolonged) straight-faced devotion to a completely ridiculous and highly visual conceit. Well done, sirs. I look forward to seeing you in the park. I'll be the guy doing Pilates in the see-through lululemons. No, but really — great job on [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'The Lorne Michaels Project'

Do you know who Scott Rogowsky is? No? Well, then you’re among the vast majority of people in the world but, and this is a weighty “but,” the 28-year-old comic’s relative anonymity may soon blossom into fame, and maybe even a one-line Wikipedia entry that requires further citations — the most any of us struggling, silly folk can really hope for. “Why the bright forecast for Rogowsky?” You might ask. The answer: He manages to shamelessly self-promote while being funny and likable — a feat very few entertainers can pull off (Dane Cook, anyone?).

We first became acquainted with his unique brand of alluring obnoxiousness in July when we covered [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Huffin' It'

My writing an article in support of Huffin’ It will almost certainly prompt a nervous call from my mother where she’ll ask if I’m on drugs and, after that — a furious call from dad where he’ll question why I’ve made the career choices I have. He’ll also breathe heavily and shout concerned advice about how I need to go back to finance. Raw, insane, a little frightening, and righteously hilarious (I feel like a surfer saying that), Huffin’ It is the troubled but cool kid in your eighth grade class distilled into  web series form.

Created by and starring Holden McNeely and Henry Zebrowski, written by McNeely, [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Long Haired Businessmen'

We’ve all been at that party, the one a friend drags you to on a night you’d planned to stay in, guzzle OJ right out of the carton, and re-watch The Sopranos for the fourth time. You don’t know a soul and, though he’s got the best intentions, your pal won’t really help you integrate. A quick introduction or two when you first get there, maybe, but, within minutes, you’ll be left alone and forced to decide whether you’ll go out on a limb and start conversation with a stranger who could hate you, or stay safe and fade into uninvited guest oblivion. Talking to someone might be cool, [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Tragic Relief'

A Kickstarter campaign and a twisted mind. That’s all it took to take this week’s selection from idea germ to offbeat comedy reality. That, and a ton of free labor from people who believe in a web series that’s dark and sick and gets out quick.

Tragic Relief isn’t the kind of show you’re going to watch with a bunch of friends as you pregame on a Friday night (people still do that, right?). It’s the thing you’ll watch at 4am, as you lie in bed alone, digesting the chicken parm grinder you ordered off Seamless. And you’ll laugh nervously to yourself because creator Ryan Mazer knows [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Shrinkage'

“Mom, dad. I want to be a comedian.”

Chilling words. Words that may be every parent’s worst nightmare, not necessarily because moms and pops hate laughter, but because a comic’s life is a hard one — often replete with substance abuse, loneliness, and the kind of poverty that stops being cool around your 476th cup of Ramen noodles.

I’d guess that very few parents want their kids to go into comedy, unless they’re in it themselves. That’s precisely the case for Tyler Alexander, head honcho at SecondCityNetwork.com and the heir to a Chicago comedy empire started by his dad, Second City co-owner and CEO Andrew Alexander.

Whether or [...]

This Week In Web Videos: The Boo Ya Pictures Show

Every group of four male friends thinks they’re hilarious. It’s scientific fact — as sure as the drunken conversation where that same group assigns each other character roles from Entourage. (“Ok, if I’m Turtle, you’re definitely Drama.”) Nine times out of ten, the Johnny Drama identification is a whole lot more accurate than the group’s proclamation of comic genius. But one time out of ten, the friends are actually funny and The Boo Ya Pictures Show is that time.

Created by real-life buds Ryan Coopersmith, Adam Sand, Ryan Prizant, Dan Handelman, Charles Muzard, Andrew Cohen and Harris Ellison, the Boo Ya sketch formula is one part Lonely Island [...]

This Week In Web Videos: 'Compulsive Love'

He’s baaaack. Alex Anfanger, the wide-eyed good guy who first found a special place in our Internet hearts with last year’s smash hit series, Next Time on Lonny, is at it again. This time, Anfanger’s taking on the role of a perpetually hopeful romantic in Compulsive Love, award-winning indie director Kevan Tucker’s bold ode to the Rom-Com genre — it’s the clearest indication yet of what everyone’s waiting for web entertainment to become.

An eight-installment arc that follows the romantic travails of indiscriminately smitten protagonist Aaron, Compulsive Love is 50 minutes of content away from a successful nationwide theatrical release. Expertly written (thanks to playwright Adam Szymkowicz), edited [...]