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Paul Scheer Is Recreating 'TRL' Episodes with a New Web Series 'Scheer-RL'

Now that Paul Scheer has already mastered the art of recreating Arsenio Hall Show episodes, he's back for a brand new set of remakes with JASH, this time to honor Carson Daly's honorable run as host of MTV's TRL. For the first episode he's joined by Thomas Middleditch, Ryan Hansen, Max Schadler, and Eddie Johnson as late '90s boy band 98 Degrees. Keep an eye on JASH's YouTube channel for new episodes every day this week.

Reggie Watts Learns About Australia Through Song with Claudia O'Doherty

Here's a brand new installment of Reggie Makes Music featuring Aussie comedian Claudia O'Doherty — all dressed up for the occasion in traditional Australian garb — who teaches Watts all about her homeland through the power of music.

HBO Orders Six New Episodes of 'High Maintenance'

First it was a web series, then it was Vimeo's first original show, and now, Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair's hit comedy High Maintenance is headed to HBO. According to Dave Itzkoff at The New York Times, the pay network has picked up six new episodes of High Maintenance. A premiere date hasn't been revealed yet, but could we ask for better 4/20 news than this? For more on the series, check out our interview with Blichfeld and Sinclair and complete review of the latest season.

UPDATE: HBO will also air the previous 19 episodes of High Maintenance on HBO, HBO NOW, and HBO GO [...]

Vanessa Bayer Gets Super Canadian with Chromeo on 'Sound Advice'

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brightcove.createExperiences();Here's the latest installment of Vanessa Bayer's web series Sound Advice featuring "funky-romantic" Canadian duo Chromeo. The guys are very encouraging when it comes to Bayer's attempts at speaking French, but when she tries to speak fluent Canadian, they're not aboot to take that kind of abuse.

Watch Kate McKinnon and Emily Lynne's New Web Series 'Notary Publix'

Sisters Kate McKinnon and Emily Lynne are the creators and stars of the newest Above Average web series Notary Publix, and the first of the series' six episodes premiered today. Starring the sisters as notaries Gina and Theresa Fra Diavolo, the premiere features Aidy Bryant as their bitter rival Erin Oatmeal as well as a special behind-the-scenes look with Ashlaheigh Braun-Samuels and Kulie Bishop. McKinnon's SNL buddies Beck Bennett, Jay Pharoah, and Paula Pell are all slated to make appearances in the coming weeks.

Vanessa Bayer and Leighton Meester Talk Music, Love, and Loneliness on 'Sound Advice'

Here's the latest installment of Vanessa Bayer's Above Average web series Sound Advice featuring special guest Leighton Meester, who graciously takes Janessa Slater's advice on acting, music, her new album, and how lonely it is to be a beautiful and successful woman in show business. Slater also shares her reservations about the title of Meester's album Heartstrings: "I tend to think that women that are naturally beautiful don't really experience life."

Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer Turn into Garbage Monsters in 'Pursuit of Sexiness'

Here's the latest episode of Sasheer Zamata and Nicole Byer's Above Average web series Pursuit of Sexiness, which sheds some light on Zamata and Byer's extremely different financial situations. It turns out that Byer doesn't just have a habit of borrowing friends' money — she also borrows creative terms like "garbage monster." Check out more episodes here.

Yannis Pappas Couldn't Be a Professional Athlete, So He's Making Comedy About Them Instead

When describing a move from New York to Miami, comedian Yannis Pappas said, “I had a New York body. I was thirty pounds heavier. My body looked like yogurt with hair on it. I looked like a middle relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals.” Sports references like these come easy for Pappas, a former wannabe pro athlete turned standup, who has been honing his specific brand of humor for some 15 years. Pappas' current role as the host of AOL's new sports-centric daily comedy series 2 Point Lead is a perfect marriage of his rabid love of sports and his razor sharp wit. I talked to Pappas [...]

Paul F. Tompkins and Andy Daly Talk 'Review,' Podcasting, and More on 'Speakeasy'

Here's a brand new installment of Speakeasy featuring Paul F. Tompkins's IRL friend Andy Daly, who talks with Tompkins all about his Comedy Central series Review, juggling his career and family (he thankfully hasn't missed any of his kids' birthdays yet), his love for VH1's Behind the Music, and the "chilling darkness" of his many characters from The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, which he confirms is returning for a second season soon.

Giulia Rozzi and the Art of Making Comedy That's True to Yourself

Giulia Rozzi is a true comedic factotum — a jack of all trades — who has a well-developed talent, crucial in comedy, for making virtually any story extremely relatable. But beyond being merely relatable, Rozzi's humor is often deeply cathartic. In fact, she has so passionately explored the cleansing nature of comedy that she even had the honor of delivering a TEDx talk on the subject.

She has already run two successful solo shows: Stupid Foreigners (which examined her experience growing up in a fairly stereotypical Italian household) and Bad Bride (which explores the finer points of monogamy, love, and especially her own divorce and ultimate perspectives on [...]

Jay Pharoah Plays the County Clerk in the Latest Episode of 'Notary Publix'

Here's the newest installment of Kate McKinnon and Emily Lynne's Above Average series Notary Publix featuring special guest Jay Pharoah, who plays the County Clerk sent to thwart the ladies' plans to unionize. As usual, Gina and Teresa's rival Erin Oatmeal is up to no good.

Beck Bennett Seduces Kate McKinnon in the Latest Episode of 'Notary Publix'

Here's the latest episode of Kate McKinnon and her sister Emily Lynne's Above Average web series Notary Publix featuring Beck Bennett, who plays a handsome notary sent to seduce Gina with some not very romantic motives. As usual, the episode includes an exclusive behind-the-scenes look with master actors Ashlaheigh Braun-Samuels and Kulie Bishop.

Watch the Trailer for Comedy Dynamics' New Standup Series 'Coming to the Stage'

Comedy Dynamics has a new standup series premiering on VOD next month called Coming to the Stage, and today they're premiering the very first trailer. Hosted by Dan Levy, the six-episode series takes a closer look at 12 up-and-coming standups from around the country and hits streaming platforms like Hulu, Roku, Amazon Prime, and iOS on Wednesday, May 6th.

Behold the Final Eight Episodes of CollegeHumor's 'Jake and Amir'

After eight years on CollegeHumor, Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld's hit web series Jake and Amir released the final installment of its eight-part series finale today. "We have an eight-episode story that we're looking forward to telling," Blumenfeld told us in February. "We didn't want to do some big, crazy thing that didn't feel like Jake and Amir. We wanted to end it with episodes that felt like every other episode." Check out Part 1 above, then watch the rest below: