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CollegeHumor Is Offering the First-Ever Scholarship for Average Kids

Web comedy powerhouse CollegeHumor announced this week that they're launching a new scholarship contest to specifically reward average students. Editor-in-Chief Streeter Seidell explains, "Some of the funniest, longest-serving writers at CollegeHumor—myself included—were unexceptional students… Now, in these difficult economic times, it's getting harder and harder for average students like we were to get free money for no reason at all." Click on this link for info on how you can apply for a chance at the two $5,000 scholarships the site is giving out, if that isn't too much effort for your lazy, average self.

Rob Corddry Picks "America's Douchiest Bars"

American treasure Rob Corddry wrote a guide to "America's Douchiest Bars" for Rundown.com, spotlighting some of the country's least-refined alcohol establishments. Corddry didn't limit it just to bar he dislikes either, including L.A.'s Bar Brix on the list before clarifying, "Just kidding. I love this joint. I hope the fine people that work there who ply me with wine and thick, delicious pork appreciate that a plug is a plug regardless of the title of an article."

Rob Delaney Says "Twitter Isn't Real"

“I respect Twitter. I am grateful for what it has done for me. But Twitter is a double-edged sword. Yes, you can improve your joke-writing craft, you can increase the number of people that hear them. But you can get drunk on people telling you, 'you are the best' or 'you are the worst.' You have to remember, Twitter pays no one's bills. It can lead to opportunities, but you still have to get up every day and work. Twitter isn't real. This is real."

- King of Twitter Rob Delaney denouncing his kingdom in Vulture.