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Paul F. Tompkins Has a Fancy Drink with Ty Burrell

Paul F. Tompkins has a new Internet webseries, in which he talks to famous fellows about drinking and being famous fellow. It’s a perfect show for PFT since he is funny and charming and dresses like the manager of one of those modern speakeasy bars. His first guest is Ty Burrell, who tells a story about his first time drinking and how he spent the entire time talking literally about what being drunk felt like (which is the converse of the also common first drinking response of incessantly repeating the phrase, "I'm not drunk.").  It's the perfect way to continue celebrating Cougar Town's possible TBS move. A [...]

Reggie Watts's Hair Fllls Up 70% of the '7 Minutes in Heaven' Closet

Regardless, of gender and/or sexual orientation, I imagine Reggie Watts has to shoot to the top of anyone's "7 Minutes in Heaven Guests I Most Want to Smooch" list. Move over, Rashida Jones, your face isn't even a quarter as fuzzy as Reggie's. I'd like to see Selita Ebanks make the face of her foot if her foot was a face or Jon Hamm improvises a score to a children's book, in which he vanquishes a monster. Go get 'em, Mike O'Brien. [Via]

Robot Chicken Team Heads To YouTube For New Webseries

Unless you are as deeply terrified of stop-motion animation as I am (it just don't look right), you can check out Robot Chicken's new webseries Stoopid Monkey when it premieres this Friday. Created in partnership with YouTube, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich's new weekly show will be a mix of stop-motion and live-action, with characters Stoopid Monkey, Biggie and QT interacting with humans. Horrified humans just screaming and screaming to get away from their little jerky limbs.