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Why Personality Matters at the Weekend Update Desk

When Seth Meyers did his final Weekend Update newscast on February 1st, he retired from the desk as the longest-tenured anchor to ever hold the position. At 7.5 seasons, he comfortably passed Tina Fey and Dennis Miller, who held the gig for six seasons each. Throughout his run, Meyers was somewhat polarizing, mostly for, well, how un-polarizing he was. To some, he represented Safeness, a thinner, younger Jay Leno who thrived on apolitical humor, and refused to ever truly rock the boat. Others enjoyed his nerdy, boyish charm, and his legendary interactions with Stefon. But whether you liked Meyers or not, he stabilized the Update desk unlike anyone else. That's [...]

An Introduction to 'SNL's New Cast Member and 'Weekend Update' Co-Anchor, Colin Jost

Earlier today, Saturday Night Live announced that one of the show's head writers, Colin Jost, will be joining the cast in March and taking Seth Meyers's place as "Weekend Update" co-anchor alongside Cecily Strong. Jost, a Harvard graduate and former president of the Harvard Lampoon, has been working on SNL for years. He started as a writer in 2005 and was promoted to being one of the show's head writers in 2012. Jost is also a busy standup. He's opened for Seth Meyers frequently and has done standup on shows like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show. Jost also recently wrote his [...]

Checking in with 'SNL' Halfway Through Season 39

We've reached the midpoint of SNL's 39th season — one that has optimistically been called a "transitional year," but one more commonly known as "the year the shit hit the fan with that whole black woman issue." Despite the fact that the bulk of the SNL coverage in fall 2013 has zeroed in on the show's diversity controversy, SNL has given us plenty of other things to talk about, from new cast members and emerging stars on the show, to surprise cameos and celebrity hosts who defied our expectations — in good and bad ways.

Unfortunately, few of those topics have gotten much ink in fall 2013 (outside of sites [...]

Here's Everyone Who Was at Stefon's Wedding

Stefon and Anderson Cooper's wedding on Saturday Night Live this weekend was jam-packed with appearances from characters and creatures Stefon had mentioned in previous Weekend Update reports. We freeze-framed our way through the scene to offer you this guide to all of Stefon's wedding guests. From Gizblow the coked-up Gremlin to DJ Baby Bok Choy, they're all here:

9 Potential Weekend Update Hosts If Seth Meyers Leaves for 'Late Night'

The NY Post reported last week that Seth Meyers is producer Lorne Michaels's top pick to take over NBC's long-running 12:35am talk show Late Night after current host Jimmy Fallon takes over for Jay Leno on The Tonight Show, which is expected to happen next year, but who will get Meyers's Weekend Update job if this happens?

The Weekend Update hosting job is one of the most coveted in all of comedy, made all the more apparent by Anthony Jeselnik publicly saying he "would throw everything away to be the Weekend Update anchor," despite having his own Comedy Central show. There are a variety of reasons Jeselnik [...]

'SNL' Review: Melissa McCarthy and a Farewell to Seth Meyers

Some episodes of SNL are bigger than the host. For example, this season's premiere spotlighted the show's record six new cast members, while host Tina Fey shone in serviceable roles, like her pep talk to Cecily Strong in the latter's first time co-hosting Weekend Update. Similarly, last season's finale focused less on Ben Affleck's career comeback than it did on saying goodbye to Bill Hader and Fred Armisen (and Jason Sudeikis, though his departure hadn't been officially announced at that point). It's an awkward position for the host to find him or herself in, because not only do they feel the pressure to satisfy viewers tuning in to [...]

Colin Jost Will Replace Seth Meyers as 'Weekend Update' Co-Anchor on 'SNL'

With Seth Meyers leaving Saturday Night Live next month to take over NBC's Late Night, his spot as "Weekend Update" co-anchor is up for grabs. SNL's head writer, Colin Jost, has been named as Meyers's replacement, THR reports. Meyers's last episode will be February 1st, while Jost will take over as co-anchor alongside Cecily Strong on the following episode, after the Winter Olympics on March 1st. Strong was added as Seth Meyers's co-host in the fall to help with the transition and to make it a double-anchor segment again.

Jost is the eighth new cast member to be added to SNL this season, following Beck [...]

Cecily Strong Will Join Seth Meyers at the 'Weekend Update' Desk

After much speculation, Lorne Michaels told the New York Times yesterday that 2nd year cast member Cecily Strong will co-anchor Weekend Update with Seth Meyers when the show returns for its 39th season on Sept. 28. Strong became a favorite on Weekend Update last year with her character, The Girl You Wished You Hadn’t Started a Conversation With at a Party. Meyers is due to take over the Late Night franchise from Jimmy Fallon in February, but Michaels said that might not be the end of him on SNL.

Mr. Michaels said his general plan was to have Ms. Strong share the “Update” desk with Mr. Meyers for the season’s [...]

Seth Meyers Wants Amy Poehler to Be His First 'Late Night' Guest

It was officially announced this week that Seth Meyers is taking over for Jimmy Fallon as host of NBC's 12:35am show Late Night on February 24th, 2014. When asked today who his dream first guest is, Meyers responded, "Amy Poehler." He added, "If that can't happen then we'll have real trouble getting guests!" So, it looks like Meyers's first show might be a reunion for the Weekend Update duo – as long as Poehler isn't too much of a big shot to do his show.

Anthony Jeselnik: "I Would Throw Everything Away to Be the Weekend Update Anchor"

"I would give away everything that I have to be a 'Weekend Update' anchor, and I don’t think it will ever happen. It’s one of those things that would have been my dream job, but as I was coming up, SNL never called me. They never asked me to submit a packet or come on board … I’ve always told agents and managers if that job is ever in play, I want to be in the conversation, even if it’s just to have my name brought up in the room. But I would throw everything away to be the 'Weekend Update' anchor."

-Anthony Jeselnik to The AV Club in a long [...]

Seth Meyers Proves His Joke Recovery Skills in This Weekend Update Blooper Compilation

Late night hosts tend to hold their posts for many years, so flubbed jokes and timing mistakes are an inevitability. But having anchored Weekend Update for a record-breaking 8 seasons on SNL, Seth Meyers has a unique amount of experience knowing how to bounce back from these awkward situations, and NBC compiled them all in case there's any lingering uncertainty about his chances of success on Late Night.

Seth Meyers Will Leave 'SNL' Following February 1st Super Bowl Episode

At a TCA panel over the weekend, Seth Meyers announced that his last SNL episode will be Melissa McCarthy's Super Bowl weekend episode on February 1st. "It's heartbreaking, but I'm really happy I came back and did this first half of the year," he told reporters. "There was talks when this came up — because I found out before my last show last year — and I knew I wanted to come back, and I'm really glad I did. The nice thing about SNL is that you're so busy that you don't have much time to reminisce." Meyers joined SNL in 2001, has served as head writer since [...]

The Best of 'SNL' Season 38

It snuck up on us, didn't it? The end of SNL Season 38 brought along with it key staff changes, among them the upcoming departure of head writer Seth Meyers and the immediate departures of cast members Bill Hader, Fred Armisen, and (unofficially) Jason Sudeikis. Few people have shaped SNL over the past 8 years more than these men — Meyers with his leadership in the writers room and charm as Weekend Update host, and Hader, Armisen and Sudeikis as the cast's workhorses and loadbearing performers. Indeed, many pegged Season 38 as a "transitional year" in the wake of Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg leaving the show a year ago, [...]

Why NBC Will Regret Not Picking Up 'Mulaney'

Late Friday afternoon, NBC announced that it has declined to pick up John Mulaney's sitcom, Mulaney. It was a surprising move, given that the highly anticipated and already buzzy show had Lorne Michaels as a producer and an incredible cast. Having seen a version of the script, and based on Brad's on-the-scene reporting, I can say that it was a good pilot and that the series had enormous potential. It's a shame that it won't be on NBC's schedule this fall. But in the long run, what NBC will really regret is not just picking up the show Mulaney, but adding John Mulaney to its primetime ranks.