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The WGA Tells Members to Stop Writing for Certain Comedy Central Shows

The Writers Guild of America, West sent out a letter to members yesterday, urging them to stop writing for specific Comedy Central shows that are violating the WGA's regulations. While the letter didn't mention which specific shows are breaking the rules, the union said Comedy Central's production company, called Central Productions, hired writers on over two dozen new projects without making deals with the WGA for said writers. Here's an excerpt from the WGA letter, via The LA Times:

"No other major entertainment company has treated writers and their Guild so cavalierly. It is never easy to ask a fellow member to stop working. We understand all [...]

Talking Shop with Some Female Late Night Writers at the WGA West Diversity Panel

Last Friday night, the WGA West brought together a bunch of funny ladies for yet another serious discussion on the issue of women in late night comedy. Nell Scovell, who has written for Vanity Fair about her experience writing for Late Night with David Letterman, moderated the panel that included former and current late night writers.

Unlike what happened at a similar panel of different women in late night writing last May, there was never any commentary about how the women were funny because they "wrote like men." However, there was discussion about the role that gender plays in the tone of the humor. Scovell pointed out [...]