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'When Harry Met Sally' Is Bad For Ladies

When Harry Met Sally is a commercial film. Its mission is to be entertaining, to ensure as much watching as possible. As a commercial romantic comedy, its entertainment stems from its romance (Harry and Sally ending up happily together) and from its comedy (“baby fish mouth”). The film is romantic, it is comedic, and thus it was a commercial success.

But to When Harry Met Sally’s fans, it is not about commercial success but about the question of whether men and women can be friends. This is the hook of the movie, the foundation for its romance and jokes. Within the first fifteen minutes, Harry makes a statement which the rest [...]

R.I.P. Nora Ephron

This sucks. Writer/director/rom-com revolutionary Nora Ephron passed away yesterday from pneumonia stemming from acute myeloid leukemia. She was 71. A few years ago, when The Guardian asked her how she'd liked to be remembered, she answered, "As the greatest nightclub singer ever." So be it. Likely she'll be remembered as the writer and director of many movies that changed the romantic comedy genre and comedy in general. Personally, she wrote my favorite movie ever, When Harry Mat Sally, a film that influenced everything that came after it. Her writing was so sharp, so honest, SO funny. She also seemed like a really cool woman. She was the [...]

The Finally Screenings: I Just Saw When Harry Met Sally For the First Time

In The Finally Screenings, Alden Ford is watching comedy classics that, because he grew up in a cave in Alaska, he’s never seen before. These are his takes on movies everyone else has seen before.

A good barometer for whether or not a comedy makes it onto this list is the volume at which the word “NEVER” is shouted in the sentence, “You’ve NEVER seen that?” The higher the volume, the more likely it makes the list. By this point, it’s harder to tell – not because the volume is lower after a few months, but because the damage done to my ears prior to watching Ghostbusters and [...]