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Study Confirms That Primetime TV Is Getting Tougher for Women

San Diego State's Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film recently released the results of their 17th annual "Boxed In" study, which analyzes how many women are working behind and in front of the camera in the entertainment world. In the primetime television sphere, women saw more decline than progress during the 2013-2014 season, falling 3.5% from last year in the number of women working as creators, directors, writers, producers, executive producers, editors, and directors of photography. Also down this season are the number of women working onscreen with a 2.3% slip (from 43% last season to 42% this season) as well as the number of [...]

Oxygen Orders Female Comedian Docu-Series 'Funny Girls'

The Oxygen network — home to such television treasures as Killer Couples, I'm Having Their Baby, and My Shopping Addiction — is attempting to rebrand with a new slate of original programming, including a docu-series called Funny Girls, THR reports. Here's the slightly cringeworthy description of Funny Girls per Oxygen's press release:

This funny new docu-series series showcases up-and-coming female comediennes living in Los Angeles as they strive to break the glass ceiling in the male-dominated comedy business. It’s a profession where women fight for survival of the funniest, and these sassy young comediennes will give viewers a peek inside their lives as they struggle to balance their [...]

A New Angle on an Exhausted Debate in 'Women Aren't Funny'

It’s no secret that sometimes comedy is taken a bit too seriously. Comedy obsessives love not just the jokes, but the mechanics and emotions of the comedy world. There are a raft of comedy documentaries exploring comedy and comedians, but do they really have anything significant to add to the discussion? This series looks at comedy documentaries and whether they’re interesting, insightful, and possibly even…funny?

In some circles, the idea persists that women are inherently less funny than men. It’s the sort of infuriating but engrossing discussion that comedy fans can argue for hours, debating whether women aren’t conditioned to be funny at a young age, men are threatened [...]

Shut the Fuck Up, Adam Carolla

Larry Getlen over at the Post interviewed Adam Carolla today, and, well, he didn't really hold back when it came to his feelings towards women in comedy: The lesson you learned from a sexual harassment seminar was “Don’t hire chicks.” Do you hate working with women?

No. But they make you hire a certain number of chicks, and they’re always the least funny on the writing staff. The reason why you know more funny dudes than funny chicks is that dudes are funnier than chicks. If my daughter has a mediocre sense of humor, I’m just gonna tell her, “Be a staff writer for a sitcom. Because they’ll [...]

Boy, Two and a Half Men Co-Creator Lee Aronsohn Sounds Like a Real Prick

The latest crop of new network sitcoms from the past year or so feature a whole lot that are female-fronted, from Whitney and Two Broke Girls to Don't Trust the B- in Apartment 23 and BFFs. It's great, right? They're all very different shows that have little in common other than the gender of their lead actors, offering up different things to different audiences while making the TV comedy landscape more representative of the actual population. You'd have to be kind of a misogynist dirtbag to make sweeping, negative generalizations about that, right? Enter Two and a Half Men co-creator Lee Aronsohn:

"Enough ladies. I get it. You [...]

Craig Ferguson Thinks His Late Night Replacement Should "Unquestionably Be a Female"

"Back in May, Craig [Ferguson] and I switched places so I could 'audition' for the job he's vacating at the end of the year—and guess what, the world did not explode! During the commercial break, Craig used our few minutes off-air to encourage me to go after the position in earnest. He also added that he thinks it should unquestionably be a female to replace him. Go, Craig!"

VH1 and online talk show host Carrie Keagan breaks down why major networks should start hiring more women for their late night shows in a new piece for Vanity Fair, which also reveals Craig Ferguson's opinion on who should [...]

Welsh Standup Jenny Collier Booted from Show Over "Too Many Women" on the Bill

On Friday, Welsh standup Jenny Collier tweeted out a screenshot of an email regarding a comedy gig she had booked in the Surrey town of Haslemere, England. The email — which didn't include the sender's address — read:

Hi Jenny

I'm really sorry but the venue have decided they don't want too many women on the bill and unfortunately we need to take you out of this one. We hope this doesn't cause any inconvenience.

Soon after Collier tweeted out the screenshot, the email went viral and currently has almost 6,000 retweets. Collier hasn't named the venue or booker for the show, but they've since been confirmed as [...]

Talking to Yael Kohen, Author of 'We Killed', About Women in Comedy

There are, obviously, a lot of women in comedy, and some of them are doing quite well for themselves. But as baffling as it seems, some people would still dispute the fundamental funniness of ladies. Even within comedy circles, discussions persist about women in comedy, such as whether the relative rarity of lady comics is a help or hindrance for women. These discussions have been going on for generations, as seen in We Killed: The Rise of Women in American Comedy, a new oral history documenting the last 50-odd years of funny women. Recently, I caught up with the book's author, Yael Kohen, to talk [...]

"Funny people are flawed people"

On the one hand, this TV season has had more sitcoms staring women than any in recent memory, which is good! On the other hand, all those funny ladies on TV have been subject to a pretty unfair level of scrutiny and blowback, as the characters they portray are generally flawed people and don't do a great job of representing their entire demographic. Because, you know, they're not supposed to. It's a pretty shitty thing, and while Lena Dunham and Girls have borne the brunt of the flawed funny ladies blowback lately, Zooey Deschanel's character on New Girl got her fair share of criticism as well, especially in the [...]

The TV Guide Network Is Getting Into the Comedy Mix With StandUp in Stilletos

Let's put aside the fact that the TV Guide Network's new female standup show hosted by The Office's Kate Flannery is called StandUp in Stilletos and just focus on the awesome fact that there's a TV Guide Network new female standup show hosted by The Office's Kate Flannery. Because everything about it (minus that name) sounds great! The show's been picked up for 10 episodes premiering June 16, and each will feature three female standups performing for a live audience at a comedy club. TV Guide will also be airing a talk show hosted by Australian comedian Rove McManus, called Rove LA, and starting with episodes that have [...]

Cameron Esposito Answers the Age-Old Question "What's It Like to Be a Woman in Comedy?"

As part of her ongoing A.V. Club column, standup Cameron Esposito has a new feature out today called "What It's Like to Be a Woman in Comedy" that addresses issues females face in the standup world, why the overload of white male comics should embrace the idea of more diverse lineups, why the word "comedienne" is just awful, and why the question of being a woman in comedy often goes unanswered. Here's an excerpt from the piece:

To be a woman in comedy is to be pitted against the only other female comic in the city you came up in for every booking in town and to never [...]

Taking a Closer Look at the Female-Centric Gloria Sanchez Productions with Founder Jessica Elbaum

Comedy's infamous lack of gender (and racial) diversity has remained a relentlessly discussed issue lately, especially since SNL made the bizarre decision to hire a batch of no less than five white male cast members in the fall, took the brunt of the internet backlash that followed, and worked to fix the problem by holding emergency black female auditions. On the other hand, just last week Jerry Seinfeld got touchy when asked why most of his Comedians in Cars guests are white males, which he punctuated with a damning question: "Who cares?" Those two words blew up the internet.

But now the kicker: Gloria [...]

Let's Pick Apart This God-Awful Article About How Pretty Women Can't Be Successful Comedians

Oh, Jesus. If you'd prefer to avoid getting angry at your computer screen, do not read Ashley Fetters' new piece for The Atlantic, Why Do So Many Pretty Female Comedians Pretend They're Ugly?. It makes the argument that, in general, women cannot be funny while also being pretty — that pretty female comedians must ugly themselves up in order to get people, specifically males, to laugh at them. Pegged to the death of Phyllis Diller, here's the main argument: Diller's reign as the frumpish, clumsy queen of the underbrag was groundbreaking on many levels. She did, after all, prove that women with bad hair, bad cooking, and loud [...]

Judd Apatow: "I got bored of penises."

"I got bored of penises. I said, ‘enough of that.’ No, I just like immaturity, I like to show people struggle and try to figure out who they are. I’m a guy and so it leaned guy for a while. But one of the projects I’m most proud of is Freaks and Geeks, which is about a woman in high school struggling to figure out which group she wants to belong to, so for me, it goes back and forth." — Judd Apatow on his recent pivot from dude-centric projects to lady-centric projects, such as Bridesmaids and Girls.