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Andrew Dice Clay Says Woody Allen Discussed Returning to Standup with Him

A couple weeks ago, Woody Allen said in an interview that he's been "toying with the idea" of returning to standup after seeing Mort Sahl perform recently. Now, Andrew Dice Clay, who played a supporting role in Allen's latest film, Blue Jasmine, tells THR that Allen talked to him about doing standup again. "We got into the whole conversation about how he started, and then we talked about where I started, and it really got his juices going again," said Clay. He added, "I hope he does it. I think he should do Radio City with me, personally."

There may be no comedian pairing more mismatched than [...]

Louis C.K. Talks About the Buddy Movie Woody Allen Wants to Make with Him

In an interview with The NY Times yesterday, Woody Allen talked about wanting to write a buddy movie for he and Louis C.K. to star in after working with him briefly on his new movie, Blue Jasmine. Today, The NY Times caught up with Louis C.K. to interview him about the six Emmy nominations he received this morning and asked about the possibility of a Louis C.K./Woody Allen movie. Here's what C.K. had to say:

We had lunch, and I thought having lunch with him was my rewarding moment. And then after lunch, we shot one more scene and I got a big laugh on the set, [...]

Woody Allen Hates Being Too Old to Play the Romantic Lead

"It's an inevitable disaster of aging, and there's nothing I can do about it. I can't play the scenes where I'm sitting opposite Diane Keaton or Mia or Dianne Wiest or Judy Davis. If I think of parts for myself now, all I can be is Pop, the lovable doorman backstage at the theater who takes phone numbers for the guys, or the psychiatrist, or the amiable dad at the wedding. I like to be the lover."

Woody Allen on being too old to play the romantic lead in his films, from this excellent profile of him in the Wall Street Journal.

Louis C.K. Tried to Get Pacino, Scorsese, and Woody Allen to Guest on 'Louie'

The NY Times has a Q&A out with Louis C.K. today in advance of his new HBO special Oh My God's debut next Saturday. In it, C.K. reveals that he pursued a lot of big names to play the character of Jack Dall, the guy who trained him for his Letterman tryout last season, before he thought to cast David Lynch, who nailed the part. Here's C.K. explaining what happened:

I sent it to Jerry Lewis. We got a phone call from his personal secretary saying, "Jerry is not interested at this time.” We reached out to Woody Allen, who said, "I can’t contribute to this right [...]

A Rare Look at Woody Allen's Unaired Pilot About an Improv Comedy Team

The Paley Center for Media, which has locations in both New York and LA, dedicates itself to the preservation of television and radio history. Inside their vast archives of more than 120,000 television shows, commercials, and radio programs, there are thousands of important and funny programs waiting to be rediscovered by comedy nerds like you and me. Each week, this column will highlight a new gem waiting for you at the Paley Library to quietly laugh at. (Seriously, it’s a library, so keep it down.)

After 55 of these articles, it's nice to know that blindly searching for things in the Paley Center collection can still yield serendipitous gems. [...]

Our Favorite Woody Allen Movies

Woody Allen's 43rd writer/director effort, Blue Jasmine, made its debut in movie theaters across the country this past weekend. 43 is a lot. Allen has made so many films at this point, of different combinations of his Chaplin, Hope, Fellini and Bergman influences, that choosing a favorite out of all of them is both a pointless and important exercise: pointless because there isn't a right or wrong answer, important because your answer says a lot about what you find funny, and/or moving.

With that in mind, please do not judge these upstanding Splitsider staffers and contributors if they happen to not share the same opinion as yourself, but [...]

Woody Allen Wants to Write a Movie to Star in with Louis C.K.; Is "Toying With" Returning to Standup

Louis C.K. and Woody Allen worked together for the first time this past year on Blue Jasmine (out July 26th), Allen's latest film that C.K. played a supporting role in, but Allen says he's been trying to come up with an idea for a movie for him and his fellow writer/director/actor/standup to star in. In an interview out today, Allen told The New York Times:

I’d love to do a movie with him and me, a comedy. I’m looking for some idea that would work, for the two of us to do. Of course I hope that people aren’t disappointed that I don’t act with him [in Blue Jasmine], [...]

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: 'A Companion to Woody Allen'

One new release in books this week is A Companion to Woody Allen, the latest of the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Film Directors series. The book costs a whopping $164.00, meaning this is not the companion for the casual Woody Allen movie-watcher, but if you are a truly dedicated fan of the the man, and want to get really academic about his work, this may be the way to go. The book is edited by two renowned Woody Allen experts and collects 26 different essays on the director and his films, covering topics like Allen’s influences as a filmmaker, his relationship to his onscreen persona, and his portrayal of [...]

Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: A Lot of Woody Allen Movies Are on Sale

Among Amazon's thousands of DVDs for sale, a lot of the discs have marked down prices for a certain amount of time for no reason in particular. Why not take advantage of this? A whole bunch of Woody Allen's best comedies, for instance, are for the month of February on sale for discounted prices and available at the click of a button, making the remainder of this month an excellent time to pick up some of his best and most recent work, including Manhattan (Blu-Ray or DVD), Hannah And Her Sisters (Blu-Ray or DVD), Annie Hall (Blu-Ray or [...]

Groucho Marx's Funny Apology Letter to Woody Allen

After meeting in 1961, Woody Allen and Groucho Marx became fast friends, despite their 45-year age difference. Letters of Note has a letter Groucho wrote Woody in 1967, apologizing for being out of contact for a while and it's SO great. It starts:

Dear WW:

Goodie Ace told some unemployed friend of mine that you were disappointed or annoyed or happy or drunk that I hadn't answered the letter you wrote me some years ago. You know, of course, there is no money in answering letters—unless they're letters of credit from Switzerland or the Mafia. I write you reluctantly, for I know you are doing six things simultaneously—five [...]

Watch Louis C.K. Tell John Oliver About Working with Woody Allen and Disparage 'Rolling Stone'

Here's Louis C.K. promoting the Woody Allen movie he acted in, Blue Jasmine, on The Daily Show last night, telling John Oliver about how he accomplished his main goal was to meet Woody Allen before he died. The interview concludes with C.K. saying bad stuff about Rolling Stone for that Boston bomber cover thing.

Woody Allen: "I Might Have Been Happier If I Was a Novelist"

"I might have been happier if I was a novelist. So instead of having to raise millions of dollars to put on these stories, the novelist sits at home; you write, if you don't like it you throw it away. If I throw something away, I'm throwing away $100,000 every time I take a scene out. So that might have been a better thing. Or music might have been a better thing."

-Woody Allen to The LA Times about the career path he should have chosen.

Mickey Rose, Woody Allen's Original Writing Partner, Dies at 77

Comedy writer Mickey Rose passed away Sunday from cancer at the age of 77, The LA Times reports. Rose is best known for co-writing Woody Allen's first three movies with Allen: What's Up, Tiger Lily?, Take the Money and Run, and Bananas. Allen and Rose became friends in high school in Brooklyn in the early 1950s, where they played baseball and in a jazz band together. Allen even set Rose up on a blind date with Judy Wolf, the woman who would become his wife of 40 years, until her death in 2003. Rose and Allen stopped writing together in 1970, when Rose and his family moved [...]

Woody Allen's Next Movie Is Called 'Blue Jasmine'

Sony Pictures Classics has acquired Woody Allen's new movie, which was filmed in New York last year, and the studio announced the official title and plot for the movie today. Called Blue Jasmine, this is the first film Allen has made in New York City since 2009's Whatever Works after making his last three movies in Rome, Paris, and London. Blue Jasmine is about the final stages of an acute crisis and a life of a fashionable New York housewife. For the film, Woody Allen assembled the kind of all-star cast that only he can pull together, with Alec Baldwin, Cate Blanchett, Bobby Cannavale, Louis C.K., Andrew Dice Clay, Sally [...]