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Yannis Pappas Couldn't Be a Professional Athlete, So He's Making Comedy About Them Instead

When describing a move from New York to Miami, comedian Yannis Pappas said, “I had a New York body. I was thirty pounds heavier. My body looked like yogurt with hair on it. I looked like a middle relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals.” Sports references like these come easy for Pappas, a former wannabe pro athlete turned standup, who has been honing his specific brand of humor for some 15 years. Pappas' current role as the host of AOL's new sports-centric daily comedy series 2 Point Lead is a perfect marriage of his rabid love of sports and his razor sharp wit. I talked to Pappas [...]

You Had To Be There #97: Yannis Pappas

This week, Nikki and Sara marvel at how, two weeks in, they've already gotten used to the process of making their television show. Sara recently saw Django Unchained in a now-rare moment of free time and when she says she liked it, Brooklyn-born comic and certified "grown man" (see ep. 96) Yannis Pappas (Modern Comedian, Twitter) offers his wholehearted agreement. After flinging fury at Brooklyn's bogus new neighborhoods, Philly's sports obsessions, and Beantown's general demeanor, Yannis tells the story of the shooting that shoved him into maturity early on in his career. The trio muse a bit on their futile little legacies but soon leap [...]

Yannis Pappas on Why He Did Standup for 14 Years Before Doing a Half-Hour Special

Yannis Pappas is (fictionally) Mr. Panos, a deeply patriotic Greek man who owns “The Baby Socrates Diner.” He is also (fictionally) Maurica, a pre-operative transsexual Puerto Rican in search of a wealthy man to pay for surgery. More importantly, Yannis has (factually) survived being shot, (factually) been a 9/11 relief worker, and will soon (factually) have his own Comedy Central The Half Hour special.

After 14 years of pushing and pulling his comedy career through the mud, a 30-minute special is more than due to this particular installment of the New York comedy scene. He’s long been selling out shows from coast to coast, performed as widely as South Africa and [...]

New Cable Channel Fusion Will Feature Puppet Comedy Talk Show, Paul F. Tompkins Is Involved in Some Way

Today sees the launch of Fusion, a cable news channel aimed at 18 to 34 year olds which is described as a blend of "hard news, satire and pop culture." Along with first day interviews with both President Barack Obama and Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the channel will launch a prime-time half hour news comedy from former Daily Show writer and producer David Javerbaum. The show, No, You Shut Up, will feature four Henson puppets as news commentators. Based on this tweet, Paul F. Tompkins is involved with at least the first episode, which premieres tonight at 9:30 pm ET.

It seems like comedy will be a major part of the new [...]