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The Complete Guide to Everything: Moving (Part 1)

Tom forgets the intro, we talk sweaters, cautious optimism for Girl Meets World, and an explanation of how terrible Tim and Tom were as teenagers before getting the main topic at hand: Moving. Tim and Tom discuss movers constantly dealing with the most stressed out people in the world, Tom's fascination with negative Yelp reviews for movers, movers nowadays all being skinny guys, Tim being duped into helping his movers move, counting money, and a barking dog problem is solved.

SNL's Stefon Is All Up in Yelp Like It's a Nightclub Called Fffffrhhgh

Ooooooh, Stefon has a Yelp page. And about time, too. How else would we know about New York's hottest clubs?

This club has EVERYTHING. Jeffries, live-action Furbies, Jewish pole vaulters, closeted guidos and flaming straight guys making out with none other than THE Nelson Mandela!

And just when you think it's all over, walk into the back room to be met by a gaggle of human donkeys.

What are human donkeys you ask? It's like that thing, where you have a midget glue some big ears on, wear a Mexican blanket, and carry your stuff over their back in wicker baskets.

It's unclear if his account [...]