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You Had To Be There #114: Lie Lie Lie

This week, Sara and Nikki briefly return to the format of yore by inviting perennial guest Cory Cavin (Awful DJ comedy, Model Wife) to talk about hangovers and listen about periods. In case you’re somehow still guest-hungry, Nikki & Sara Live production manager/breakout star Brian Hoff drops in to explain the guerrilla campaigns he wages against capitalism that are almost as lucrative as they are absurd. And speaking of guests, make sure you watch this week’s Nikki & Sara Live to see your hosts catch their white whale after years of hunting and dreaming and begging.

Oh, last thing: Nikki and Sara are hosting a [...]

'SNL' Review: Adam Levine Hosts a Stellar Night

It seems SNL has struck gold with booking music stars as hosts. Despite my long-standing pet peeve of musical guests making cameos in sketches — No one wants to watch Cee Lo read cue cards! — I have been proven wrong, again and again, as pop stars and rock legends have strapped on their host shoes and presided over far better episodes than most athletes, comedians, or A-listers have. While I was never sold on the argument that musicians' live-concert backgrounds causally make them natural live sketch performers, musicians are often less likely to let their nerves get the best of them, and they typically bring a fun-loving charisma and game-faced hustle [...]