@LollyAdefope on Extroversion, Selfies, and Tweets That 'Say Something'

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetLolly Adefope is a 24-year-old comedian, writer, and actor from London. She performs around London several times a week, and is performing her debut hour at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this summer. You can hear some of her characters here and here. This week I spoke with Adefope about three of her favorite tweets, and we talked about extroversion, unattractive selfies, and tweeting in series.



Shane Murphy (@Shanehasabeard) on Relatable Comedy and His Stupidest Inspiration For a Tweet

shanemurphyShane Murphy is originally from Albuquerque, NM, and now lives in Austin, Texas, where he stays at home with his four kids, ages 3-8, while he works on his degree to become a teacher. You can find Murphy on Twitter, where he writes about his real life and more under the handle @Shanehasabeard. This week Murphy talked to me about three of his favorite tweets, how momentary confidence can affect his writing, and the silliest source that’s inspired tweets from him.

Murphy: My mom would actually wake up early to exercise with a ridiculous 80's workout show called 'The Body Electric' while I made my own sandwiches for lunch. So that's the truth behind this one, in case you were wondering if anything could be more sad and abusive than the original tweet. READ MORE


Talking to @AllegraRingo About Dogs, Dates, and 'Reading Rainbow'

allegraringoAllegra Ringo lives in LA, where she writes for VICE and CollegeHumor as well as her Maude team at the UCB Theatre. She spends most of her free time hanging out with her dog Pistachio and yelling about the patriarchy. Recently, I asked Ringo for some behind-the-scenes information about three of her favorite tweets, and we talked about Reading Rainbow, the intersection between jokey tweets and ones about social justice, and her surprise when a silly tweet unexpectedly performs well.

Ringo: The Reading Rainbow song starts off with the pleasant imagery of a “butterfly in the sky,” then proceeds to tell the butterfly in question that the narrator is better than it at flying. It just struck me as a weirdly aggressive move to pull on this butterfly that’s just flying around minding its own business. READ MORE


Grace Spelman (@gspels) on Spontaneous Comedy and Remembering Old Tweets

gracespelmanGrace Spelman is a comedian, musician, writer, and improviser currently based in Massachusetts and moving back to New York this summer. Though she has nothing else to promote at the moment, she says to come back in a few months because she plans on having a very different answer. In the meantime, you can find Spelman tweeting under the handle @gspels. This week we talked about three of her favorite tweets, and she told me about remembering old tweets, her desire to evolve into writing more situational jokes, and sharing emotions online.

Spelman: I’ll tell you about the genesis of this tweet because it involves an issue that is really important to me. Bob Seger will not put “Night Moves” on Spotify*. (That is it. That is the issue. I mean, he doesn’t have any of his music on Spotify but “Night Moves” is the only song that matters.) So one night I was listening to “Night Moves” on Youtube because sometimes I’ll just play it on repeat for a chill three hours. I happened to see that a Led Zeppelin video was recommended. I Googled Robert Plant and one thing led to another. For the record I would never eat a battery.

*Since writing this, Jay-Z has announced his Tidal project. I am waiting with bated breath for any Bob Seger/Tidal related news. READ MORE


Talking to Gary Richardson (@garyyesgary) About Writing Jokes and Twitter's Power to Make Something Huge

garyrichardsonGary Richardson is a writer and performer having the time of his life in Brooklyn. He performs live around the city and encourages you to see him do live stuff if you can, but to find his internet stuff if you can't. This week I talked with Richardson about three of his favorite tweets, how Twitter has changed for him over time, and trying to hide the excitement that comes from favs and RTs. He also told me his mom is retiring from the military this year, and to give it up for that.

Richardson: I truly love how so many tough-ass dudes are also dumb-ass dudes. I feel like the Internet is one of the only places I get to stick it to em, this was an attempt at that. READ MORE


Talking to Clickhole's Cullen Crawford (@hellocullen) about Twitter, Brands, and More

cullencrawfordCullen Crawford lives in Chicago. He is a staff writer at Clickhole.com and was previously a staff writer at the Onion News Network. Crawford has a pit bull named Gristle that he loves very much and is very proud of and has the Twitter accounts @dougepisodes, @pinterestfake, and @lazybanksy which he says he is less proud of. This week Crawford talked to me about three of his favorite tweets as well as some other subjects like brands, heroes, and garbage. Keep reading and you'll see!

Crawford: I can imagine nothing classier than picking something out of a tank and then consuming it. I wish I could pick video games, muffins in waterproof wrapping, or college acceptance letters out of a saltwater tank and then a man dressed better than I am would take me to a table and ask me if I need anything else. READ MORE


Ariana Lenarsky (@aardvarsk) on Literary Twitter and the Linguistic Career of "lol"

arianaAriana Lenarsky is a musician, poet, and comedian from Los Angeles. She’s written for places including McSweeney's and HuffPo, and writes, performs and produces at the Upright Citizens Brigade in LA. Lenarsky also studied classical vocal performance and sang with the band cossbysweater “before that name became a liability.” This week Lenarsky walked me through three of her favorite tweets, and she talked about the power of punctuating a thought with “lol” and about tweeting photos and texting them to strangers.

Lenarsky: I so feared what Frankie/Fuck Frankie would do to me if he saw me snap a pic of his hog that I really panicked and tried to escape. I took the picture, turned my wheel hard, floored the gas and drove up over the sidewalk into a Gelson's parking lot, scraping up the front of my car. I suppose retribution came quick for this young paparazzo. READ MORE


Gabby Noone (@twelveoclocke) Talks About Twitter and "Aggressively Glamorous Humor"

gabby nooneGabby Noone is a writer and student based in New York City. She’s a staff writer at Rookie Mag and has contributed to sites such as Buzzfeed, The Hairpin, and The Cut. Noone’s tweets cover topics like pop culture, fashion, and feminism, with her takes often approaching the absurd while at the same time maintaining sincerity. This week Noone told me about three of her favorite tweets, and she talked to me about “aggressively glamorous humor,” what she likes about Yelp, and how she feels when she sees jokes about Netflix and Food Network stars.

Noone: I am proud of this tweet because it manages to be an informative DIY tutorial and absurdist political commentary all at once. This is almost two years old, but I think it holds up. It takes you on a real wild ride in less than 140 characters. I wrote this while feeling really weary about the way people ask famous women "Are you a feminist?" and then a bunch of people get mad at her regardless of whether her answer is yes or no. And then there are bunch of followup think pieces like, "What *IS* feminism?" Like, we should all chill for a sec and go listen to the Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie portion of Beyonce's "Flawless." Mainstream feminism has excluded so many women for so long, so I understand why some might shy away from identifying with it, but I think all women would agree that my definition here is correct. READ MORE


Eudora Peterson (@Pjetey) on Twitter's Character Limit and Not Overthinking Jokes

eudora petersonEudora Peterson is a New York City-based comedian whose work has appeared on The Hairpin, The Toast, and more. She currently runs Fashion What Ifs, a fashion advice video series on Jezebel’s beauty and style site Millihelen. Recently I asked Peterson to share and talk about three of her favorite tweets, and our conversation covered topics including writing in different personas, the strengths of Twitter’s character limit, and some of her material that’s made the jump from tweets to other media.

Peterson: Tweets written in character voices make me laugh, especially if the characters have an uncompromising and/or aggressive point of view. Alexis Wilkinson does it really well. People getting out of hammocks makes me laugh, too. READ MORE


Talking to @wutangcher About Deleting Tweets and Balancing Frankness with Humor

wutangcherOn Twitter she goes by @wutangcher or mangorita hayworth, but IRL this week’s Follow Friday is Allison S. from Indianapolis, Indiana. According to Allison, she sporadically haunts local open mics and teaches art classes, is floundering in pseudo-unemployment, and spends a lot of time at the dog park. This week I asked Allison to tell me about three of her favorite tweets, and she talked about speaking honestly online, making the transition to Twitter from other, less constraining blogging platforms, and her thoughts on unfollowing and being unfollowed. READ MORE


Talking to Joe Rumrill (@2tonbug) about Standup, Twitter, and Trumpets

joerumrillheadshotJoe Rumrill is a standup comedian and writer living in New York City. Her performs regularly at the UCB, the PIT, Over the Eight, and at various comedy shows around the city, as well as the 2014 Brooklyn Comedy Festival. Rumrill is also a creator of the weirdo comedy showcase Fresh Perspectives, which he co-hosts with Julio Torres every fourth Monday of the month at Muchmores in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Rumrill told me that he hopes to, “with the right amount of campaigning, luck and crowdsourcing,” perform standup in the 2015 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. In the meantime, he talked to me about three of his favorite tweets, his influences, and trumpet sounds.

Rumrill: Probably one of my favorite things is little kid stuff being taken very seriously by the adult world. That definitely drives a lot of what I write. My mom’s a first-grade teacher, so children’s literature has always been a lingering presence throughout my life. But, really, I chose this tweet to prove once and for all that I was doing Frog and Toad jokes BEFORE it became the “it” thing to do. READ MORE


Artist Lisa Hanawalt (@Lisadraws) on Sharing Her Sketchbook and Adopting a Different Persona on Twitter

lisahanawaltLisa Hanawalt (@lisadraws) is an artist based in Los Angeles. Hanawalt is a coproducer and production designer on the Netflix animated series Bojack Horseman, whose second season comes out this summer. She also co-hosts the podcast Baby Geniuses with Emily Heller on the Maximum Fun network, wrote and illustrated the book My Dirty Dumb Eyes published by Drawn & Quarterly, and contributes to Lucky Peach magazine. On Twitter, Hanawalt gives followers an inside look at her sketchbook as well as [a slightly altered version of] her personality. This week Hanawalt talked to me about three of her favorite tweets, plus butts, Friends, and anxiety.

Hanawalt: Sometimes I like to troll brands with dumb slogans! They fill up valuable brain space with their ad campaigns, so this is my revenge. READ MORE


@NickCiarelli on Twitter's Uselessness and Its Effect on His Sense of Humor

nickciarelliNick Ciarelli is a writer living in Los Angeles. He writes and performs at the UCB Theatre in LA, where he's a writer for the Maude team Nephew and co-creator of the currently running sketch show "Death Valley Tween Fest." Ciarelli is also a contributor to ClickHole, and together with Bradford Evans (formerly of Splitsider) he “found” the pilot script to Denis Leary’s upcoming FX show Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll, which he swears "is real and not a thing we wrote ourselves." Recently, I asked Ciarelli to share three of his favorite tweets and he talked to me about Elvis Presley, Wario, and penne pasta.

Ciarelli: This display I saw inside a Rite Aid just perfectly sums up what makes my generation the best. We won’t follow in anyone's footsteps but our own, tradition and family be damned. We just want to be DJs and drink brown water. #JackLive READ MORE


@SandyHonig on Growing More Confident in Her Dad Jokes

sandyhonigSandy Honig is a photographer and comedian living in New York City. She photographs and writes for Rookie Mag and performs around the city. On Twitter, Honig's account is a good one to follow for excellent, well-worded, and often impressively concise jokes. She recently took some time to talk to me about three of those jokes, how her friends describe her sense of humor and some of her favorite works where photography and comedy meet.

Honig: Everyone thinks they know the secret to getting ketchup out of a bottle, but they're just full of it. The bottle doesn't want us to have the ketchup and that's FINAL. I wrote this in a diner alone. READ MORE