On Mrs. Peniston and the Hilarious Vulgarity in Edith Wharton's House of Mirth

Wuthering Heights also has "Penistone Crags," used to similar effect--my high-school English teacher was kind enough to point that one out to us.

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On What's Wrong with Comedy Central?

@Pablo Goldstein I'm still sad that Jon Benjamin Has a Van didn't get renewed, but I'm thrilled that K&P got picked up for another season, & that Workaholics (which I thought I'd hate until I actually watched it) is also doing well.

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On What's Wrong with Comedy Central?

@James Rocker@twitter my mom & I still reference Bush's incredulous "worse than a MIDGET?!" from that show--it was surprisingly funny while it lasted.

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On If You're Gonna Be Dumb, You Gotta Be Tough: An Ode to Jackass

totally agree that Jackass is too often dismissed as stupid brah comedy & thus totally underrated--although Viva la Bam & Wildboys did a good job of diluting the "brand" enough to make that critique seem more valid. Johnny Knoxville may not be the most sophisticated performance artist out there, but his impact (& the visceral reaction he's gotten from an audience of millions) is undeniable.

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On Jon Lovitz Comes to Twitter, Can't Get Himself Verified

but if the real Jon Lovitz says it's really him, can he be believed? once a Liar...

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On The Dan Harmon School of Comedy Writing

I remember AcceptableTV! Operation Kitten Calendar & especially the Kozbeez are some of my favorite sketches of all time. &--unsurprisingly--I adore Community; I'm so thrilled it got picked up for another season.

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On Steve Coogan on the Difference Between Racist Humor and Humor About Racism

kudos to Coogan for writing that rebuttal--he makes some great points. the first joke, about the theoretical attributes of a Mexican car, I could probably let slide, since it could arguably be considered a tongue-in-cheek mockery of the stereotypes being presented. but "I'm sorry, but just imagine waking up and remembering you're Mexican: 'awww, no'. (laughter)"? no, no, no. I'm glad they got called out.

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On Mrs. Show: The Women Behind a Comedy Classic

yes!!!!! oh my god, thank you for this–& anyone who's reading this who hasn't seen Mr. Show, you owe it to yourself to watch it at your earliest possible convenience (unless you hate comedy & awesomeness, but in that case why are you reading Splitsider?). I probably reference some Mr. Show sketch at least once a week, if not more; "I would like a single…donut…that…is made…of….jam""JELLY?!" (from the Rajskub sketch) is the default dialogue in our household when one of us is aware that we're taking too long to make a decision. & I was just telling a friend about the Indomitable Spirit sketch YESTERDAY, despite not having seen it in years seriously, Mr. Show is the best. go watch it. go watch it right now.

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On Conan's 2009 Tonight Show Ratings Beat Leno's 2010 Tonight Show Ratings

this makes me so happy! NBC execs are morons (e.g., Olbermann), but at the same time, I'm finding I enjoy Conan on TBS even more than I enjoyed him on network TV--so it all worked out in the end. stats like this are just icing on the cake.

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On Conan's Superhero Alter Ego, The Flaming C, Comes to Life

said this on Twitter already, but how awesome would it be if the Flaming C joined forces with Stephen Colbert Presents: Stephen Colbert's Alpha Squad 7: The New Tek Jansen Adventures? answer: very, very awesome indeed.

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