On 30 Rock Infographic Recap: "Live from Studio 6H"

Fred Armisen may have gotten the least applause, but it was definitely the most unexpected and funniest.

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On Parks and Rec Recap: "The Debate"

I was afraid we weren't going to see Jerry at all this episode...but then seeing him doe eyed and proud while inexplicably surrounded by nuns got one of the biggest laughs from me for the night.

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On Ricky Gervais Has Entered the "Fuck U H8ers" Portion of his Career

@Victor No I like his comedy for the most part and believe his success is well deserved. I just think he is personally a conceited asshole. I've only seen snippets of the new show, Derek, and regardless of it being insensitive to the mentally handicapped (and infamously easy targets in the elderly)the humor comes across as lazy. "I made The Office and Extras! I can do no wrong! To prove that, I'm going to comb my hair different and make a silly face for 30 minutes and everyone will love it!"

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On CBS’s Reruns Laugh at NBC's New Episodes

I agree with the Liz stink face picture. I honestly believe that the wrong families have Neilson boxes. That and the system is still completely fucked.

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On Ricky Gervais Has Entered the "Fuck U H8ers" Portion of his Career

"Gervais is kind of becoming the Kanye West of comedy" Done. That's the whole article. Perfect.

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On Many People Trusted the B--- in Apartment 23

James Van Der Beek as James Van Der Beek was charmingly hilarious. I only watched probably the first 15 minutes but I got the feeling that there was definitely strong writing and more than competent actors who could bring it to life.

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On Dan Harmon vs. Chevy Chase: the Plot Thickens

I stopped reading at "TMZ is reporting"...not really, I read the whole thing. But wouldn't it have been a great start to my comment? Chevy is known for being difficult to work with and Dan's wrap party rant was not in retaliation to the one incident, but rather three seasons of dealing with an aging prima donna who has reportedly walked off and locked himself in his trailer on more than one occasion. And did Dan go too far? Probably. I doubt there is an easy way to effectively tell Chevy to quit being a stubborn asshole though. And seeing as Harmon is also notoriously a stubborn asshole, I don't see him all of a sudden starting to treat this situation more seriously. For them to get past this "feud" one of them will have to concede to the other...and I don't really see that happening. Sadly that may result in a season 4 without Pierce. Will the show wither and die without him? Absolutely not. But there will definitely be something missing from the show that can't be replaced. Even if they try to with Leonard...which I would be all for Leonard joining the group.

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On IFC Has Grabbed Ten Episodes of Marc Maron's New Series

I was at the live WTF in Grand Rapids, MI on Saturday and I asked him about the IFC show. He said it's not going to be coming out until fall of 2013.

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On Yes, Dear < Taxi: What Older Shows Would You Like to See on TV Again?

@Megh Wright I would watch the shit out of Perfect Strangers if it was on again. I actually saw Bronson Pinchot in something recently and exclaimed "Balki!" to which my wife replied "Who?" It took everything I had not to whip out divorce papers. I would agree with almost everything on this list (with the possible exception of MST3K...I just don't have the time to commit to an hour and a half long show) but would most like to see Taxi come back. Such a strong cast.

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On Parks and Rec Recap: "Lucky"

Although the Jerry/Donna plotline was indeed the smallest, the moment in which Donna realizes she's discovered something fascinating about Jerry and has to cancel her plans with Marcus probably garnered the biggest laugh from me for the night. "It isn't government work unless you have to do it twice." I love Jerry. Also, I was not aware that Offerman had written this episode until this recap. I agree with the author that as a first time writing credit, Nick did remarkably well in providing a very well balanced episode that was also hilarious. My only critique is that the episode didn't really do much to advance the arc of the season along. But you know what, it didn't have to. Especially going into a hiatus...I'm okay with not having a giant cliffhanger.

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