On Why More Women Should Write Comedy: A Mathematical (But Not Boring) Study

Two points: 1) Rape humor is horrifyingly unavoidable in a lot of latter-day comedy. Even 30 Rock – a network sitcom created and run by a woman – has traded in some pretty awful rape humor. (In general, Pete Hornberger seems to serve as a vector for that show's writers' worst impulses). To pretend that this sort of stuff isn't repellent and disheartening to young women who might want to enter comedy writing is really disingenuous. 2) I'm surprised no one so far has mentioned the fact that Showtime is really fucking stellar in their track record for shows-by-women and about-women. Over half of Showtime's comedies and dramedies were created or co-created by women, and that network has built an enduring audience for itself on those shows (and Dexter).

Posted on January 26, 2011 at 7:58 pm 0