On Checking In...with the Voice Cast of Home Movies

Walter & Perry FTW! www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMJqApRNXfw

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On Traffic Light Recap: No Scrunchies Left Behind

Wow, THANK YOU for watching this show (which briefly beguiled me with its previews) so I don't have to, and for treating me to an entertaining recap that targets all the sh*t that bothers me about 99% of sitcoms. Between your posts and Paul F. Tompkins' take on 'American Idol', I may NEVER WATCH TV AGAIN.

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On Mrs. Show: The Women Behind a Comedy Classic

Look at that responsiveness! Adam rocks – am I right Ladies??

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On Mrs. Show: The Women Behind a Comedy Classic

Heh, now Karen's pic is next to Becky's profile, Becky is next to Sarah's, and Sarah is pictured next to Karen's profile. This is fun, right?? I need to get off the internet.

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On Mrs. Show: The Women Behind a Comedy Classic

Pssst…the images of Sarah Silverman & Karen Kilgariff are swapped. Also, it's "Kightlinger". *adjusts glasses*

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On Why More Women Should Write Comedy: A Mathematical (But Not Boring) Study

Totally agree with Sarah on this one: the best way to increase the representation of female comedy writers is to BE one. BE FUNNY. Do it – write, submit, riff loudly with your friends at parties, drunk-tweet, self-produce, whatever. And don’t just network with your female counterparts; do it with (gasp!) dudes as well. If there’s still any ugly residue of that “Women aren’t funny” bullshit on the comedy beer stein (thanks, Christopher Hitchens!), it ain’t gonna be wiped clean by an organized campaign or pouting outside the party. It’ll be because the funniest women you know stagedived into the comedy mosh pit (yep I’m old) and threw some elbows. Being offended, even when it’s warranted, won’t change minds. A sharp, hilarious comeback will.

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