On Is Kevin Hart the Next Breakout Comedian?

I side with Nick S on this one. The fact that Hart is the biggest selling comedian out there right now is enough to tell you that he's not the next "breakout comedian." The dude has already broken out. That this article was even written seems to reveal more about the types of comedy/comedians this site pays attention to than it does about Hart.

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On Oh Lord, Britta Is Going to Start Wearing Glasses

Splitsider's "Community" obsession is beginning to slip into the realm of self-parody.

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On The Sad Details of The Onion's Exodus to Chicago

@petejayhawk The difference then was, the writers WANTED to move to New York and they collectively decided to make that move. This time the move is being imposed on the writers and therefore a lot will be leaving The Onion... including some very long-time writers. To me, it's hard to see this as anything but sad.

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On The Final Four in the Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament is HERE

Really? Remedial Chaos Theory beats arguably the most classic sitcom episode of all time? And by a huge margin? If another contest like this is held in the future, I suggest it include only sitcoms from the past 15 years or so. We Splitsider devotees clearly don't have much understanding of anything before then.

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On Hey Readers: What Do You Want to See More of on Splitsider?

Like everyone else on here, I adore this site and would not want to change much. One thing I do find a bit tiring (though I may get tarred and feathered for saying so) is the constant fawning over "Community." I get that you guys all love the show, but some days it feels like every other post is some tidbit of Community news or some ga-ga salivating over Donald Glover's rapping. Meanwhile there are lots of comedy shows out there that get almost no coverage: I'd love to hear more about good BBC comedies, weird Adult Swim shows I may not have seen, independent comedy movies that only get shown a few times on IFC, etc. But overall this is a minor gripe. Keep up the great work.

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On How Things Got Ugly at a 2 Broke Girls Press Panel

I think the issue is not exactly that the characters are one-dimensional, it's more that they are ehh, how you say... borderline-offensive stereotypes. Some may argue that they are not even borderline, they are over the border, into the nation of Offensive. I'm thinking specifically about the Asian boss character who seems to have been directed to do an impression of Mickey Rooney in "Breakfast at Tiffanys."

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On Ten of the Funniest Unaired SNL Sketches

The one and only time I ever went to a taping of SNL was the night they did that Gus Chiggins sketch. I remember thinking it was hilarious and being surprised it didn't make it into the final show. I think the reason it was cut was because it was shortly after 9/11 and someone probably felt that a sketch about the impending war (even one as goofy as that) would be in bad taste. I remember a commercial-parody sketch featuring Horation Sanz as an Arab guy working at an "Effigy Warehouse" that was having a big sale on George Bush effigies was also cut. There was a daytime talk-show sketch in which women talked about losing weight by cutting off their own body parts that didn't make it to air either. Basically anything even vaguely dark or edgy was nixed. A side note: The reason I got in to the taping at all was because it was believed that anthrax had been found in the NBC building that day so a lot of ticket holders did not show up. Seeing how goddamn funny Will Ferrell is, even in a tense environment like that, is inspiring.

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On The Five Worst Quotes from the Year's Worst Movie

it would have been better if he said, "Nocturnal, like a bat... I keeding."

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On Checking In with...the Creators of Nickelodeon's Golden-Era Shows

I have never seen "Snow Day" but the IMDB page for the movie claims it was originally going to be a Pete and Pete movie. I really hope there is an alternate dimension somewhere where that actually happened, and it was the best movie ever, and then we find a way to get into that dimension.

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On Can Conservative Political Humor Be Funny? An Examination of The 1/2 Hour News Hour and An American Carol

I have always wondered if part of this phenomenon has to do with the role empathy plays in humor. Liberals on the whole, it seems to me, are more empathetic than Conservatives... Liberals tend to worry more about the poor, the sick, those stuck in bad situations. And a lot of humor comes from pain. Therefore, I wonder if Liberals have somehow developed a more acute sensitivity to the pain of others, and that in some way makes them funnier. This is clearly only a half-formed thought and is a pretty broad way to categorize Liberals and Conservatives, but there you have it.

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