On Bateman Begins: It's Your Move

I loved this show as a kid, and I re-watched several of them recently, thanks to the magic of a site of questionable repute online. It held up surprisingly well, especially in comparison to most of the other, more notable sitcoms of the time. (You ever try to re-watch "Webster?" Good lord, what were we thinking?) I think you're getting the wrong sense of it by only seeing the finale. Most of the series did center around Matthew and his scams, and he did get most of the clever dialogue, with David Garrison as his surly straight man.

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On The Inspired Insanity of The Gong Show

Good piece! I'm a huge Gong Show fan, and the fact that I can't buy a boxed set of every episode makes me realize how disappointing the modern age is. Not to be too nitpicky, but Robert Downey co-wrote the Gong Show Movie, he didn't direct it. Barris did. (And amazingly so. It's the closest thing to a cinematic nervous breakdown as you're likely to get.)

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On The Ten Most-Hated Rotten Tomatoes 0% Comedies

I feel I will go to my grave having do defend Bill Fishman's underappreciated Car 54. It's the most bearable Jeremy Piven performance, if nothing else.

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On The Origin and Early Programs of Comedy Central

Thank you for this -- I obsessively watched pretty much all of The Comedy Channel's early programming, and even sent in a video for their "It's a Wonderful Life" recreation contest demanding more Rachel Sweet. It does not appear to have been heeded. When I saw Gruber open for Cinematic Titanic a few years back, I squeed. You should write an article on the underappreciated "Just Say Julie."

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On Fox Gives Allen Gregory the Axe

Does this mean Bob's Burgers will be back sooner? Or do we have to wait for Napoleon Dynamite to reach the soaring heights of Party Girl, My Big Fat Greek Life or Some of My Best Friends first?

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On Reconsidering Freddy Got Fingered

I'm glad to see this. I can't really defend it, but I did enjoy FREDDY GOT FINGERED -- it seemed to be to be a very vulgar version of CABIN BOY, another movie that started and ended a comedian's film career out of a desperate attempt to force their weird brand of humor onto the mainstream public.

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On Saturday Night’s Children: Colin Quinn (1995-2000)

@Lord Haw Haw You take that back about Brian Doyle-Murray! I liked Quinn, but he was admittedly a terrible anchor, especially coming off the brilliant absurdism of Norm McDonald.

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On The Lost Roles of Chevy Chase

@HerooftheBeach Really? I kind of love the sneering charm of Peter Rigert. Though, certainly the rest of the cast is fairly interchangable -- what an underuse of Tom Hulce.

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On The Lost Roles of Chevy Chase

"Making light of the death of castmember Robert Downey Jr.’s father to his face." What is this? Robert Downey isn't dead now, and I don't think he was at the time his son was on SNL either. Or am I missing something? Fine article!

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On Please Stop Quoting These Comedies Forever Immediately

Is "Clue" still acceptable? My friends and I do a lot of "Clue."

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