On The 30 Best Videos of Reggie Watts Being Awesome

WTG, Splitsider, just wasted my whole afternoon because of this post! "A panther walks into a gazebo.....that's it."

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On This Week in Comedy Podcasts

The last time Moynihan was on CBB I thought he was hilarious too. I need more Moynihan!

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On This Week in Comedy Podcasts

@Steve Austine@twitter The Ice House Chronicles are great. Always a lot of different comics rolling through that podcast and Rogan's close comic buddies. Usually if Joey Diaz is on you can get a crazy story and a "cocksucka" out of him. Passin on the positive energy!

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On This Week in Comedy Podcasts

Was looking forward to listening to Walking the Room with Gould. And then it gets a Splitsider recommendation. Yes! Positive Energy! (Brody Stevens impersonation). Hard to get a good read on Walking the Room in just a podcast or two, Dave and Greg doing a podcast themselves can be way different than when they have a guest. Either way, it's great.

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On Comedy Bang! Bang!, Portlandia, & More News From the IFC Upfronts

So glad this has been turned into a show. Love the Comedy Bang Bang podcast. Can't wait to see all the characters show up...in character. Andrew Lloyd Webber wears a cape. Yes!

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On This Week in Comedy Podcasts

The Glass Show podcast is one of my favorite podcasts now. Only recently discovered it. Probably because one of you guys recommended it on here. Could listen to him pretend to talk into that voice changer for hours, and I do.

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On A Lot of People Know Eddie Pepitone's Name


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On Watch Bob Odenkirk's Adult Swim Pilot Now

...and Andre Hyland in there too

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On Twitter Can't Be Bad for Comedy...Right?

Twitter's just one avenue for comedy writers. Write a blog post if you prefer the story-telling type of humor. Twitter is also good practice for someone who maybe isn't great at short, punchy jokes. Rob Delaney was on a podcast talking about how he started using Twitter to exercise his "short game." I guess it might have worked out for him, he's just touring the country now. Twitter definitely helped bring attention to him that he may have no received otherwise.

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On The Life Cycle of a Joke

Glad to see the NY Times covering stand-up, especially with an awesome piece like this, sharing some insights on the development of a joke. Also nice to see Kaplan getting some attention with this. I prefer to pronounce his name, Mee-Kwa.

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