On Why Whitney is the Best New Network Sitcom of 2011-2012

Perfect Couples was actually pretty good. I also don't hate Whitney.

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On Why Bridesmaids Deserved Its Best Picture Snub

I have to agree with this article. But I will say, I liked the movie. But it should not have been nominated for Best Picture, it's a great movie and very fun! BUT, IT'S THE BEST PICTURE! The stereotypical characters are that for a reason, it's because it's a broad comedy. Which is very specifically why it wasn't nominated for Best Picture. AGAIN, I liked the movie. It was about 40 minutes too long. BUT I LIKED THE MOVIE! I REALLY LIKED IT. But, just because you like something doesn't mean it deserves things. Maybe the movie was made to be liked or loved. Sometimes you have to award films that were made to win awards. By the way, I really liked Bridesmaids.

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On Is the 2011-2012 Sitcom Schedule the Worst in a Decade?

A lot of people like a lot of things that's the problem with all of these opinion based articles. Joshua, can you please say THE BEST (to Me)? You're constantly saying things are definitively bad because they did not appeal to you. Yet, you said that the New Adventures of Old Christine was good. (A very bad show.) ((But my opinion, not a fact.)) I really like this site, I'm just sick of all of the opinions. I am a comedian/professional comedy writer and I have a ton of opinions but I don't carry them like they are the official word on comedy.

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On Colin Quinn Is Not Having a Good Day

@Robin@twitter you are so wrong.

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On The Lost Weekend Update Anchors

The only thing I was upset with was saying that Norm wasn't the best Weekend Update host. He was. I would put him right above or tied with Chevy Chase. @Charlie Fan - John Mulaney.

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On Ranked: 20 Years of NBC "Must See" Thursday Night Comedies

Maybe a 22 year old shouldn't be ranking the shows of the past 20 years? I don't care for Friends or Will & Grace but to have Community, Scrubs, My Name is Earl listed above them is ridiculous.

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On Former Simpsons Writer John Swartzwelder's Self-Published Comedic Novels

The Time Machine Did It is so so so great. Read it, you'll like it. Swartzwelder has a tone that's all him and you realize when you're reading it, how much he had to do with some of the Simpsons characters.

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On Albert Brooks and the Rise of "New Humor"

Albert Brooks is my main hero. This was pretty great! One of my favorite Albert Brooks anecdotes is when he was around 16, Carl Reiner was on the Tonight Show and when asked who was the funniest person he knew he said "my son Rob's friend Albert Einstein."

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On Is Perfect Couples Doomed Already?

I think this show while being very broad is actually very funny and it's nice to see a show that doesn't just feature "approved by comedy nerds" actors. The show is actually tightly written and has jokes, it's nice to just watch something mindless and laugh at jokes.

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