On Daniel Tosh Starts Disgusting, Awful Movement

two words: "over" and "reaction."

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On Who Cares About Joke Stealing?

Just because delivery is important, doesn't mean that changing delivery excuses ripping off jokes. Anyone could go tell Groucho Marx jokes all day and appear funny, but Groucho is funny, not them.

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On And the Best Sitcom Episode of All Time Is...

Fuck 72.7 percent of you.

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On What Is the Single Best Sitcom Episode of All Time?

The Simpsons: Cape Feare/Marge Vs. The Monorail Arrested Development: Top Banana/Pier Pressure Seinfeld: The Opposite/Supe Nazi It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: The Nightman Cometh The Office: Diversity Day Undeclared: Truth or Dare Curb Your Enthusiasm: The Bare Midriff Louie: Duckling

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On Larry David on Playing His "version of Superman" on Curb Your Enthusiasm

What are you, TMZ? Fans of the show have already known this for years.

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On Cleveland Comedy Troupe Accuses Conan of Ripping Off a Bit He Didn't Write

The conan bit is much less funny than the last call cleveland bit, and Jason Farr uses a completely false analogy between this example of parallel thoughts and "how tough dating is" because as far as I know these are the only two examples of a joke of "double-booking comedians." I don't think it was intentionally ripped off, but the idea was theirs first and so it was theirs. It's unfortunate that the people involved in the conan bit didn't realize it had already been done, but since it has, give credit to the original creators, and consider the duplicators innocent of idea theft.

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On We Were Promised Hoverboards: Slapping Friends

While obviously many times this situation is a divergence from real life, in certain situations the joke is that the person is being slapped and appreciating it. And the Producers shouldn't be included on this because Gene Wilder says that as a result of the slap he's in pain- that is actually a perfect example of something mocking the ridiculousness of the "movie calm-down," since he first says he's hysterical, then Mostel throws water in his face and he says, "I'm wet, and still hysterical!" Then he slaps him, etc. Anyway, the author should be slapped for putting The Producers on this list.

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