On The Lost Projects of David Wain

So, like, if we all pool our money together, we can produce these things, right? Kickstarter? PLEASE?

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On Parents I'm Glad Aren't Mine Are Protesting Ben and Jerry's Schweddy Balls

One Million Moms is a subset of American Family Association, a government recognized hate group. They're the worst.

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On The Zinger And The Warlock King: The Roast Of Charlie Sheen

I really just wanted to watch Amy and Anthony roast each other, but minus one Hitler Youth gag, they left each other alone. Boo. I mean, yaaay. But booo!

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On Wow: Fox Is Considering an All-Simpsons Channel

Obviously, I would watch this all the time and nothing else. But I'm not sure why people are still investing money into niche cable channels when new media has been so much more successful. Granted, it's harder to monetize a website than a channel, but I'll hear from people who work for "specialty channels" (Fuel and G4 specifically) how tough it is and how they're always having to artistically compromise to reach a broader audience. Isn't the whole point to appeal to a specific audience? So yes, fill my TV with all the Milhouse you've got. But I don't get it. I don't get why advertisers don't take advantage of the internet more. I don't get why cable shows that the internet gets boners over (Breaking Bad, Mad Men) do so much more poorly than ones the internet mocks (Rizzoli & Isles, Burn Notice). I don't get why people think that making MORE cable channels is the answer.

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On Funny or Die/Onion News Network's Chris Kelly Hired as a Writer at SNL

CONGRATULATIONS CHRIS! I'm so excited by this. Chris is absolutely hilarious!!!

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On Why Derrick Comedy's Mystery Team Deserves Cult Classic Status

@Adam Frucci Well, now only 2 of the spellings are incorrect, but it's PiersOn. (I know for SURE all of them were mispelled earlier. I did a control f).

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On Why Derrick Comedy's Mystery Team Deserves Cult Classic Status

I don't have to read this to know that I'll agree the shit out of it. But I did read it. And I'll add my thoughts. I think that Mystery Team will have the same affect as Wet Hot American Summer. 17-23 year old kids who never really established their own comedic sensibility will discover it and turn into comedy geeks. It's such a unique movie, yet totally accessible. Every friend I've shown it to has loved it, comedy nerd or not. Those friends often then get into podcasting or comedy blogs. I think it's a huge gateway into comedy nerdery and deservedly so. (also, you misspelled DC's last name throughout the entire article)

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On Larry the Cable Guy Denies His Jar Jar Binks-ness

I have a Jar Jar Binks toothbrush I bought at a dollar store when I lost my luggage. THERE! I said it!

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On One Night at Asssscat, or What to Do With a Date Rape Monologue

I would really like to hear from the performers who were on stage. I think that not only will they have a unique take on it since they were the ones who had to use the monologue to inspire scenes, but also because they are such respected figures in the comedy community and I think that their words will probably have a more profound affect than comedy fans/bloggers/journalists/performers. This is an amazing post, and I'm glad that you made it. I hope that this begins a much larger conversation that includes the performers, the audience, and the monologist himself. I'm glad that the "online comedy community" has rallied around this issue so much. It's so important.

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On One Night at Asssscat, or What to Do With a Date Rape Monologue

You mentioned Walsh and Besser, but I thought Ian Roberts (just judging from the video) handled it very well. Maybe the best. He didn't laugh at him, he just said "Choose your words carefully" and pointing out that the women in the audience clearly weren't laughing.

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