On Dan Eckman Adapts DC Pierson's The Boy Who Couldn’t Sleep and Never Had To

If you haven't read this book yet, get on it. It's really really great.

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On Louie's Ursula Parker Deserves All The Mango Pops

I'm boooooooooooooooooooooooooored!

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On TV Comedy's Ten Most Tragic Characters

"There are plenty of Simpsons characters who have had terrible things happen over and over for years and years (Moe, Skinner, etc.)" You forgot good old Gil! But then again, who doesn't.

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On Conan Viewership Down Roughly 60% Since Premiere

Why why why why WHY are they looking at dumb stupid old timey television ratings when internet is sort of all that matters any more? His videos get more hits than all those other shows. He has a stronger web presence. We can't pretend like things like Hulu and Netflix and Twitter and Facebook don't matter anymore.

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On Donald Glover's New Stand-Up Special Weirdo Hits in November

Fuck rap cool

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On Talking to Ken Marino about Childrens Hospital, Comic-Con, and the Movie We’re Making About a Baloney Sandwich

You talked with a member of The State about bologna and DIDN'T mention Bologna Feet? All of Nerdom is mad at you. Just kidding! Great interview!

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On Louie Recap: "Come On, God"/"Eddie"

"I’m Amy Grant from Russia, and America is experiencing hard times now, how to survive this and that...”" ^I thought the line was "I'm immigrant from Russia..." Not that it matters, I just wanted to throw that out there for seemingly no reason.

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On CollegeHumor's Sarah Schneider Hired as a Writer at SNL


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On On Funny Women, Feminism, and Being Pretty

As someone who spent my gender studies classes (9 hours!) deconstructing comedy and someone who performs comedy (and has a vagina), I shockingly have nothing to add. This is pretty perfect. I guess I'll just say that I think Amy Poehler is probably one of the 10 funniest people alive right now and between Smart Girls at the Party, Leslie Knope, her Planned Parenthood letter (just to name a few) she has been nothing but upfront about her strong position as a feminist. Let's all be more like Amy Poehler, shall we?

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On Double Duty: Comedians on Two Shows at Once

@Tony Hightower@twitter 1. Showrunners don't decide the pay for their staff 2. At least with Donald and Allison, they do their other projects because they want to. Donald doesn't charge a cent for any of his music, but he's making it all the time. To paraphrase Matt Damon, you don't act because you want to get paid, you act because it's all you want to do.

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