On Cats Are Funnier than Dogs

How is Colbert a dog and Michael Scott a cat? I can't think of anyone more approval-seeking than Michael Scott. Clearly a dog. And Colbert’s shtick couldn't BE more irreverent. What a cynical little pussy-cat. Besides Stephen was Ace (clearly the boss) and Steve was Gary (unmistakable, loveable sidekick). And everyone knows that "cats rule and dogs drool."

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On Another Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon Voicemail Leaks to the Internet

I actually think there were some well argued points in here. An oratory improvement from "Got Bad Writing, Shit, Stinko".

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On Meet Kate McKinnon, SNL's Newest Castmember

More proof that it never hurts to ask Paula Pell about her vagina when schmoozing for a spot. ;) (At 5:10 as Fitzwilliam in the "Big Gay Sketch Show")

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On Five Reasons Ricky Gervais Deserves to Die

Top Five Songs About Hallie leaving. Go... :(

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On Who Cares About Joke Stealing?

@Firas Alexander I agree with you that hatred for someone like Dane Cook doesn't stem from jealousy. I just thought it was an insightful quote because it presents the theory that you can alienate the audience by seeming less like the relatable everyman. But it also says something about the nature of a comedy audience and how you can create critics out of every fan when you develop a distinct style with easily discernible/quantifiable attributes (as exemplified in the physical comedy of aforementioned comedians like Robin Williams and Dane Cook). They force the audience into seeing them as a performer specifically, with performance “greatest hits” features (you can see the same thing in a content context- like how Abbott and Costello never got away from a stage without an encore performance of “Who’s on First” and Jeff Foxworthy’s audience would tear the American Legion down post-show if he didn’t do a redneck joke or two). When you have such distinguished physical bits, an off-night means everyone will notice. If Barbara Streisand has a chest cold the night of an appearance, people will take note ...but they are more likely to be forgiving- would a comedy audience be so kind? Good article!

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On Who Cares About Joke Stealing?

"The exceptionally charismatic comedian can unintentionally force the audience to realize how unspectacular they themselves are." This is an exceptionally brilliant theory. (...Thinking about removing the quotes and posting it to my Facebook.)

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On What's Wrong with Comedy Central?

Come on now. Workaholics (albeit, totally frat-tastic) shows some promise. ehhhh??...

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On What Non-Comedy Songs Make You Laugh?

@Megh Wright I know it's my mantra of choice whenever I 'shoot up' the drugs (nasal decongestant totally counts, right?)

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On Did The Office Screw Up the Florida Arc?

So accurate! I agree that the show could have done more with this arc’s shake-up prospects. But I will commend them for keeping it subtle and fairly Office-authentic; and not going into the Brady’s-Vacation-to-Hawaii-mode. (That’s hard to avoid when searching for freshness as a triple-digit episodic series, and this could have been as bad as the Conner's in Disney World ...they *were* in Florida, people!)

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On SNL Recap: Jonah Hill Is A Funny Man

@Francis Rizzo III@twitter Oh, it was there! As soon as I saw the house band, I knew there was going to be some mischief. (East coaster.)

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