On Where Has the Conceptual Comedy Trailer Gone?

I think the new Muppets movie is doing a pretty great job at releasing weird trailers that have nothing to do with the movie other than spoofing other trailers. The latest one takes on The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo (in itself one of the best trailers of the past year). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHqLcEtt368

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On Modern Family Recap: "Our Children, Ourselves"

I think it was the later half of the first season when Mitchell was having trouble with his feelings for Cam when Jay tells the story how he met Gloria at a wedding. He said something along the lines of just going right up to her and being confident or something like that. Basically, I know it happened, I just don't know when it did.

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On The Office's Gay Caricature

I'm going to agree with JoshUng on one of his points - in the Glee episode, Oscar is defined as the IMDB of watchers, he points out everything. Then when he goes up against Michael in "China" everyone gangs up on him because he is an "actually," he buts in on everything to correct them. They've written him into someone not exactly likable and since everyone that works at Dunder Mifflin isn't a witty writer for a television show (even though they are being written by witty television writers) - they resort to the easy gay jokes. I'd also like to point out that I believe Oscar Nunez was written out of the early part of the third season because the actor was filming Halfway House, his improv show for Comedy Central, not because the writers didn't know how to write for a gay character.

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On Chris Elliott's Lost Gems: Action Family & FDR: A One Man Show

As much a fan of his as I am, I'm mostly thankful for him producing Abby Elliott.

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On Why Comedy Movies Aren't Very Funny

I'm going to have to disagree with the overall point of this article. I think film is a great medium for comedy when done right. This year was a very poor year for comedy movie and very strong one for them on television. When done correctly, film is the perfect format for comedy. Its like saying you couldn't write a funny novel. And with Due Date, I'm not so sure the opening monologue was supposed to be funny. I thought it was supposed to be just a stark (huh hey!) cold opening that let us to see how scared this guy was of having a kid. And once we got to know him, then the humor came out. But that's just me. All IMHO, of course.

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On Proving Scientifically That '30 Rock' Is Better Than '$#*! My Dad Says'

This is epic. Awesome awesome awesome.

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On HBO Picks Up Judd Apatow/Lena Dunham Pilot

How could she have been a writer for Undeclared if she is 24? That show was on 10 years ago. Did she have enough life/college experience to be writing about it for television at 14? Man, she must be really good.

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On Where (On the Internet) To Watch Every Comedy This Season

This is seriously the most helpful thing ever. Thanks!

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