On Someone to Follow on a Friday: @morgan_murphy

I like the idea of this feature and Morgan Murphy is someone I follow, but might I suggest that in the future it showcases people who don't have tens of thousands of followers.

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On Eastbound and Down's Fitting End

I was not a fan of the ending. I thought this season was very uneven and lacking a true arc; the most likely reason being that Hill and McBride outsourced the writing instead of doing it all by themselves (and a 3rd collaborator). I enjoyed the Harris Wittels and John Carcieri episodes; the Josh Parkinson ones not so much. The main reasons it didn't work for me was because April wasn't given much to do this season. When she bailed after episode 1, that made perfect sense given Kenny's treatment of her and this season being about Kenny learning that being a father doesn't mean you're automatically a dad. And in the Black Biker Week episode, she returns for Toby and says nothing of getting back together with Kenny. And then she wants him back just because Kenny shows up to say goodbye to Toby? Katy Mixon doesn't get a lot of credit. Her character has to be in love with an asshole like KP and make it believable, something that she's been great at. But it didn't work for me this time. Anyway, even though season 3 wasn't the master works that 1 & 2 were, it was still pretty damn funny. We'll always have Schaefer Plantation. Thank you Mr. Hill and McBride and Green and the rest of the great crew for this show.

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On The State is the Wu-Tang Clan of Comedy

Lennon/Ben Garant being Ghostface/Raekwon is perfect.

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On The 25 Greatest Fox Comedies In Their 25 Year History

The Bernie Mac Show and Malcolm in the Middle are missing.

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On Legendary Comedian Bill Hicks Was Definitely a Legend, but Was He a Comedian?

@Brian Shea@facebook "He was a social commentator pointing out things he found absurd." That's a comedian.

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On Splitsider's Guide to LA's Comedy Scene

Very helpful!

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On Oh, There's Gonna Be Another Super Troopers

Super Troopers isn't that great of a movie (Beerfest is pretty funny). But I'd rather see Super Troopers 2 than watch any episode of Community. "How come my super niche, meta tv show that appeals to 0.01% of people gets such low ratings???!?" Super Troopers is an utter lack of creativity that is "unwanted" but Dan Harmon's hero's journey circle is the pinnacle of comedy writing? Let's not go down that road of the only good comedy being associated with UCB or podcast X.

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On Timing Is... Everything: The Story Of Charlie Barnett

Good stuff. I only found out about Charlie a few weeks ago from the Robert Townsend episode of The Champs and I'm mad I didn't know him sooner. Comedy history would be completely different if he only knew how to read. Just look at him control this audience http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scipjlqqrDg

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On What's Wrong with Comedy Central?

Two of my new favorite shows are from CC (Workaholics and Key & Peele) but they definitely have a problem at their creative department. If you make a weird, niche show, you'll only get 1 or 2 seasons. Why go there when Adult Swim gives 5, 6, 7 seasons, movies, and specials for polarizing shows like Tim and Eric or ATHF?

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On Did The Office Screw Up the Florida Arc?

I like the idea of this as a feature. For example, I thought the Parks and Rec writers screwed up tremendously by shutting down 720 Entertainment storyline. The way they ended it, it might as well have been the b-plot in a random episode.

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