On And the Best Sitcom Episode of All Time Is...

Wait, this isn't even the best Community episode. Marge Vs. the Monorail forever changed the way we feel about monorails. This is truly the darkest timeline.

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On The Rise and Fall and Fall and Fall of Hipster Bashing

Good post Jesse. If a hundred trite YouTube videos made hipster parodies sick, 2 Broke Girls definitely finally killed it. I've liked in BK for three years now and the most negative fraking people I've met are the ones who spend all their time hipster bashing. If not being a hateful cynic means being a hipster, then, fine, sign me up. Part of the reason Portlandia is great is that it's not mean-spirited. It's of the people, for the people, like how Shaun of the Dead parodies zombie movies but is also a great zombie movie. CBS' foray into this is the prime example: the leads spend all their time bashing the "hipsters" working out of cafes while they do what? Make racist jokes and try to sell cupcakes they made from a store-bought mix?

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On A Modest Proposal for a Potential SNL April Fool's Day Show


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On Community Fans Are Planning an Adorable Christmas Flash Mob at Rock Center

has anyone photoshopped up a Casual Pepper Spraying Chang yet?

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On Community Fans Are Planning an Adorable Christmas Flash Mob at Rock Center

needs more trampoline

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On Megan Mullally Schools Aubrey Plaza, Lizzy Caplan, and Casey Wilson in Coolness

why yes, Santa, I did want all my favorite people in one video

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On The Day Twitter Gave Birth to Bart Simpson

Why can't all blogs be like this?

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