On The Hangover "Obviously" Imagined As A Trilogy, Says Director Todd Phillips

He was joking about it "obviously" being a trilogy. Everyone at the press conference laughed when he said it.

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On The Lonely Island's Akiva Schaffer Directs Wilmer Valderrama's Strange New Music Video

Didn't Schaffer sign up to produce and direct a sketch series for Valderrama?

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On The Office Loses Major Numbers in its First Post-Carell Episode

But it still had higher ratings compared to Steve Carell's penultimate episode two weeks ago. Everyone posting this story's being a little irresponsible by comparing it only to the Goodbye Michael episode. Even this write-up admits that it's being compared to an event episode, but if you're aware of the faulty logic, why not just go back and look at past episode ratings instead of posting the initial comparison first and asking questions later?

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On HBO's New Ad Is Strikingly Similar to a Comedy-Award-Nominated BriTANick Sketch

It's a pretty broad, adaptable concept I've seen a few times before. Off the top of my head, Jon Stewart did a version of this joke with award show presentational banter as one of his essays in Naked Pictures of Famous People. And This American Life had a "40 Acts in 60 Minutes" episode (or some number like that) based on a regular Chicago theatre show that similarly filled an evening with very short plays, and when TAL played audio of one of short plays, it was this concept applied to an argument ("awkward laughter, awkward laughter..." "ACCUSATION ABOUT YOUR SEXUALITY!"). I think the Jon Stewart one even has a mention about music swelling, just like the BriTANick and HBO ones do.

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On A Potentially Strange New Office Relationship

I may actually stop watching if this happens. Besides Greg Daniels talking about how they're setting up a new mystery in last night's episode, the only evidence is that Phyllis has a long-lost child and Erin is an orphan, and that seems tenuous. Plus it'd probably be the biggest, most implausible coincidence in the history of the show, which has even in the last few seasons avoided something as absurd as this. Also, the writer also proposes Gabe is the Scranton Strangler - jokingly, of course, but I don't know if the writer has much credibility if he completely missed how Toby just spent months on jury duty for the Scranton Strangler while Gabe remained in the office, and the Strangler has been put on death row.

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On The Lost Roles of The Office

Paul F. Tompkins revealed in a podcast that he was also in the finalists for Michael Scott. I believe it was KCRW's "The Business".

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On Mort Feingold: Accountant For The Stars, Meet Alan Kaufman: Rock Star Accountant

I know that wasn't the first appearance of Samberg's character this weekend. But it probably first showed up after 2007.

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On The Complete History of 'SNL's Celebrity Jeopardy

You posted the Cruise/Sandler video twice (instead of the Flockhart/Cage sketch). Just so you know.

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On The Simpsons: Not a Kids' Show Since 1989

I literally watched Kamp Krusty 90 minutes ago, before coming across this post, and am not entirely sure what the leaves of four bit is. I'm sure it proves how I'm such an innocent person. Help?

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On Giving Mad Love a Fair Chance

I'd recommend the pilot. On the downside, it only follows the How I Met Your Mother format even closer, but it was directed by HIMYM's regular director, was about as good as HIMYM's pilot, and it actually established a context that was supposed to flip the romantic sitcom on it's head: we're supposed to see Biggs and Chalke as a somewhat bland, traditional primary romantic couple, but Labine and Greer's characters, usually only the comic relief, WERE to be the real leads. Since then, I think CBS asked the show to back off the concept and make it more of an ensemble, so Biggs and Chalke's boring characters now get just as much screentime and it's harder to say they're not the leads anymore. Plus, it probably would be boring to have Biggs and Chalke be boring and bland background characters acting out cliche premises on purpose for multiple episodes. So now they just... are bland and act out cliche premises for real.

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