On Is Adam Sandler Birthing A Three Men And A Baby Remake?

It'll only work if they film it in the same haunted apartment, so an entirely new generation of people can try and spot the sad lonely ghost kid in the baby's room.

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On The Lost Roles of Chris Tucker

@Bradford Evans Those few things are: They're both comedic actors, and both white. Other than that the comparison stops. Not to crap on Steve Martin, a great comedic performer and actor, but Peter Sellers not just as a comedic actor, but in sheer brilliance as an actor was light years out of Steve Martin's league. Steve Martin's performance had nothing in common with Sellers' besides wearing a mac coat and putting on an accent. That role is a black eye on Martin's career and he should have respectfully said no way.

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On Calvin and Hobbes and the Trouble with Nostalgia

@AJA@twitter I think you hit the nail without realizing it when you pondered why there isn't much articles on 90's nostalgia. It's not about the people not relating to the thing that the writer loved or that it was so much better than what is available today. I think you got to the heart of the fact that nostalgia is about ourselves and being retrospective about life being better back at the time we're being nostalgic about. We might have been more open to things and our minds and lives weren't closed off yet by the reality of our lives as we get older. I think the nostalgia comes from a place in time where we thought better about ourselves and the world than we do now and we want to get back there.

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On Whitney Cummings Defends the Laugh Track of Whitney

@Daniel Hall sorry about the type-o meant to ask "is there a crutch there also?"

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On Whitney Cummings Defends the Laugh Track of Whitney

@Megh Wright but then how do you watch a stand up special on tv or sit with a crows during a set, is the crows a crutch there? I don't think one is better than the other, it's the product itself that counts or is hacky and single camera vs multi-cam with an audience are just two different techniques to produce the product. This debate is like comparing the merits of live theatre vs going to see a film, they are both different ways of staging life.

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On It’s Not Funny: How Comedians Transition Into Dramatic Roles

@HerooftheBeach Really? I always saw it as the other way around. Comedians, maybe not so much today, tended to come from a dark place, that made it easier for them to play a dramatic character rather than an actor trying to be funny when they weren't in the first place. You ever see an unfunny dramatic actor try to get material over at an awards show or roast? It's painful to watch.

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On Anatomy of a Failure: The Paul Reiser Show vs. Curb Your Enthusiasm

It was flat show that felt like the mid season filler it was and its slot and position in the season has nothing to do with it. Seinfeld's first season premired during the summer filler season so that excuse doesn't fly. I saw Reiser making the rounds to promote this thing and he wasn't even positive about it until it got yanked and then all of a sudden he seemed like he gave a crap.

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On NBC to Finally Air Love Bites on Thursdays This Summer

Great to see the new Comcast NBC will make the same game changing decisions with the same sound judgement that GE always did!

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On Paul Reiser Visits Leno to Promote/Mourn His New/Canceled Show

Yeah NBC didn't promote it, but Reiser himself never appeared to be enthusiastic about the show while he made the rounds to promote it too. In fact he spent most of the time describing it as the late season filler that it was. Let's face it Paul Reiser took a bag of money to do a show that he really wasn't into to and didn't really need to do to begin with, and mailed it in.

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On The Trouble with Comedian Biopics

Crackerjacker's got it right, seeing any biopic on someone you're fond of is hard to do because it winds up being the complete opposite of any great comedian's intent while they were alive. I don't want a Richard Pryor biopic. The man was already pretty much an open book about his life while he was alive and JoJo Dancer is probably the best biopic already of the man and he's in it!

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