On Louis CK Talks About Why He Ditches Funny Jokes on HBO's Talking Funny

Have to watch this now! Louis dropping jokes isn't new he drops most of his material from his act every time it gets filmed for specials to force himself to write new material and not rely on crowd pleasing bits.

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On Don't Go To Humor Conferences

This whole conference sounds like all the humor came out of the abyss, and by the abyss I mean Penver's ass... Cambridge and Oxford gave the world the Monty Python troupe, Rowan Atkinson, and other ingenious satirist comedic writers, and this is what America's Ivy League institutions will soon be unleashing on the world of comedy? Somewhere right now there is a kid doing five minutes at the Comedy Cellar and he's going to be running circles around everyone who came out that conference in five years, and he won't be talking out of his abyss...

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On So Funny I Died: How Laughing Can and Will Kill You

@Bruce Marshall@twitter Nope, absolutely no danger of spontaneous death from Debbie Downer's article here...

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On Ranked: 20 Years of NBC "Must See" Thursday Night Comedies

I remember every single one of these shows and the horrible trend of corporatized entertainment by numbers and duplication of successful formulas that most of these shows represent. This just reminded me that what network sit-coms need is another Norman Lear. It's sad that 70's sitcoms were more creatively progressive and funnier than the mostly crap formulaic sit-coms of the modern era.

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On An Exhaustive Guide to Who's Remaking Your Favorite Comedies

I don't think any cow is sacred for Hollywood execs if they can buy a classic name to slap on a project. Just look at the cinematic necrophilia job Hollywood did to Peter Sellers and his classic role with the Steve Martin Pink Panther reboot...

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On Hollywood's 10 Most Ridiculously Unrealistic Weed Scenes

Even though it's not weed, Helen Hunt in a PSA getting dusted and jumping out a second story school window and landing on her feet and bolting, pure comedy gold!

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On Watching Stoner Movies as a Lifelong Non-Smoker

@Katie, spot on! All this movie did was go for cheap pops from the viewers by employing stoner stereotypes beaten to death in every hack property that deals with weed. Up In Smoke was actually somewhat written and it's disjointedness wasn't because of the assumption that stoners would be the audience, it's because it was transposed from Cheech Marin's and Tommy Chong's touring stage show in the 70's to the screen where a lot of the scenes were from already written stage bits and gags.

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On The Lost Roles of Eddie Murphy

I think Murphy only takes work where he can carefully control his image on screen now, and a studio can manage press access to him. He won't do anything self-referential especially to his problems in the 90's so he'll never do a Saturday Night Live just like he'll never go back on stage. If there was ever a time for Murphy to revitalize his career it would have been after Dream Girls when he was talking about going back to stand-up and doing adult oriented comedies again. Alas he only went right back to the safe pay checks he started taking when he had to rehab his image in the 90's.

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On In Defense of the Multi-Camera Sitcom

You mentioned All In The Family, but every single one of Norman Lear's shows were comedic theatre performances on Television. I'm surprised you gave so much attention to Larry David and none to Lear who pioneered multi camera sit-coms.

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On Six Comedians We Wish Would Return to Standup

@Taylor Eddie Murphy's act being horrid is a matter of opinion. There's a reason he was one of the biggest stars in America by the time he was 22, and that's because he did have a funny act and he told funny stories. His not wanting to do standup has nothing to do with Chappell. He hasn't been on a stage in over 24 years. You don't just jump back into that without starting out from the bottom again doing five minutes at clubs and working out material to fill a touring show. Besides that it has more to with not being able to live up to Pryor's legacy than having anything to do with Dave Chappell, meaning he can't face the heat from an audience and honestly break down his missteps in life the same way Pryor did after his incidents.

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