On What Is the Single Best Sitcom Episode of All Time?

Fat Family: "The Fat Family Murders A Child" Jimmy Loves Titties: "Jimmy Remembers Vietnam" Henry, Thora, Brittles and Sam: "Whose Hands Are These?" The Salads: "Retard Picnic"

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On The Greatest TV Writers Rooms Ever

Love this!

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On Chivalry and Improv

Making the audience uncomfortable to make a point or explore some controversial comedic territory could be great -- but what I'm talking about is something common among beginning improvisers where there are being rude to each other as part of a flailing about to be interesting. There's no comedic bravery or even decision being made -- it's just unintentional or maybe inept trying to be noticed or something. It's a different thing than bravely going into dark territory.

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On Diving Into the Archives of Spy, The Funniest Magazine Ever

Yes! I wish I had written that, Sir Asiatico.

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