On Community Recap: "Origins of Vampire Mythology"

I have to say I disagree with, well, everything you said. I love Community as much as the next guy (on the internet). That said, the opening scene at the table was definitely lacking some sort of gag and relying too much on old humor (Dean touches Jeff, Britta lacks all self-awareness, Troy/Abed pop culture reference). Every line of dialogue in the apartment was so telegraphed, I felt uncomfortable watching Gillian & Allison sludge through it. What hit for me, oddly enough, was Jeff's speech. Where early Jeff was manipulative and fake, the character is actually trying to grow as a person this season, and it reflects in the more self-affirmative, sincere speeches. It's a cool way of allowing a character to grow within the cyclical constraints of a television series. Dan Harmon, ladies & gentlemen. (Also, Gillian did kill this episode. I eagerly await the clip of her saying "A mother-flippin', carnie-banging junkie.") I'd get in a fight over my love of Dan Harmon, but I think he has to know Chevy isn't wrong about the show, at least any more than he is. Not every show needs an emotional hook, but it is at the heart of what makes Community so great (and well-loved). That's great for retaining viewers. Unfortunately, Community has to do more than retain right now. Team Compromise?

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On Splitsider's Guide to LA's Comedy Scene

Bookmark'd. For anyone out there who wants to make a Ch101 pilot, I am a cameraman and I'll shoot the hell out of it.

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On Community Recap: "Studies in Modern Movement"

I loved the Yacht Rock call-out with the Christopher Cross song in the karaoke booth. Gotta show some channel101 love.

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On CollegeHumor and Funny or Die Just Released Pretty Much Identical Videos

Woah! That's why my roommate came home with a grill spray-painted gold. Thanks, Funny or Die! I've been meaning to buy a grill anyway.

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On Comedy Central Doesn't Present: Jonah's Arcade

As an avid gamer, I usually give stuff like this a shot, but pass the razor bleach please. 60 seconds in and I was done. Aside from the played out gamer jokes, it seemed like Tosh.0 as performed by someone who hates Tosh.0.

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On J.J. Abrams, Former Comedy Writer

I figured "Cool Guys Don't Look At Explosions" was at least worth a mention, as it is easily the funniest thing he's been a part of. Keyboard solo... J.J. Abrams!

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On Finally, a Christian Sex Comedy Featuring Rev. Ted Haggard and Candace Cameron!

Christ, that was painful.

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On Childish Gambino And Reggie Watts Freestyle, Now Legally Obligated To Make An Album Together

Reggie killed it, but damn, someone needs to strangle whoever was on that camera.

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On Community Recap: "Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts"

Tally up one for a Community diehard that doesn't watch Parks. I didn't like Parks & Rec's first season at all and just recently started to give it a chance again. I loved it, but I moved and don't have cable anymore. Perhaps someday the stars will align or I'll just grab a season on Netflix when I'm between jobs. Also, I think they should go back to making Chang a villain. They teased it at the beginning of the season and though he had a small redemption this ep, he works much better as an antagonist.

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On Community Recap: "Competitive Wine Tasting"

@JoshUng Yeah, I agree. The episode seemed really slow, but only because a lot of the humor was subtle, even more so than usual. Jesus, look at the opening joke about the joke-writing class (meta) "Don't take that class, it's awful. The professor is so old..." *everyone leans forward* Aaaaand silence. Then they just move on. This is why I love Community.

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