On Splitsider's Guide to LA's Comedy Scene

This article is a dream come true. Thank you, Splitsider (and Bradford in particular)!

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On Tom Papa Is Going to Give TBS the Naked Truth

It sounds like another version of "Comics Unleashed with Byron Allen" except with a non-white host. (Zing.)

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On Parks and Rec Recap: "Sweet Sixteen"

And when are we going to get to see the mysterious Gayle Gergich?!

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On Parks and Rec Recap: "Sweet Sixteen"

I personally cannot stand the Ann/Tom pairing (or "Tann"). It feels completely unbelievable, as I don't buy Ann liking Tom at all (and so far we've only seen how and why she DOESN'T like him). I'd find it far more believable if she dated outside the office (like that former high school basketball star or a new character altogether). It feels like a forced sitcom-y pairing of characters we already know.

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On SNL Is Looking to Add New Castmembers, Held Auditions This Week in NYC

@Jason Farr@facebook I see Bill sticking around, but Fred has Portlandia now, and I don't see Andy staying. Kenan...eh. It's not like he has bigger fish to fry. And Seth Meyers has put in 10 years...so how's about John Mulaney at the Update desk (and maybe even head writer)?

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On SNL Is Looking to Add New Castmembers, Held Auditions This Week in NYC

Any word on who auditioned? So many talented peeps... I think the recently transplanted-from-LA James Adomian would be an amazing addition.

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On Hey Readers: What Do You Want to See More of on Splitsider?

You guys are my #1 website, top left corner of my Google homepage so that any updates catch my eye ASAP. Hallie Cantor does a great job of updating all day long, so please don't change those constant updates! I consider Splitsider my source for news (I'd rather read about Bobby Moynihan AS Newt Gingrich than the real Newt Gingrich any day!). Like I mentioned in my response to Ed (up top), I think the idea of a sort of listing of where to see shows in certain areas is wonderful, if a bit daunting. I went to Vegas recently and had no clue where to go to see a good show (if any were to be had). I know the next time I go to LA I will be overwhelmed with wondering if I should see shows at UCB or Meltdown or Largo or iOWest, etc. Especially since the comedy community is growing and thriving and good stuff is everywhere. I appreciate all of you. (And Adam, I will forever think of you as "Briam," thanks to BriTANick.) Keep up the great work. Love, Yet Another Comedy Nerd

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On Hey Readers: What Do You Want to See More of on Splitsider?

@Ed@twitter I think the idea of how someone would go about seeing live comedy in specific places is GREAT. Maybe even some sort of street team that could "cover" different metropolitan areas, just with listings of various shows.

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On Paul Brittain Is Leaving SNL, Effective Immediately

"Sex Ed" Vincent and Lord Wyndemere are two of the best recurring bits they've had in the past couple of years. And he had a couple of wonderful impressions. It's frustrating that he never got a chance to really shine on the show. Was this his choice or Lorne's?

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On Let’s Just Fix NBC’s Thursday Night Scheduling Problem Right Now

A few weeks ago I had a brief moment of scheduling genius and since I posted it to Facebook, obviously NBC should listen to me. Here is my brief open letter to the #4 network. "Dear NBC, Thank you for sticking by your "niche" Thursday night comedies. You've been my favorite network for many years now, and I want you to continue supporting my favorite shows, so can I make a suggestion? This should be your Spring 2012 line-up: 8/7c 30 Rock (start off strong!) 8:30/7:30c Community (give them a good lead-in and don't put them up against ratings behemoth Big Bang Theory!) 9/8c Parks & Recreation 9:30/8:30c The Office Also: Move Whitney to Wednesdays with Up All Night. Book-end the night with your strongest shows and it will give a boost to those in the middle. Thank you and I expect a check when my genius plan gets you back to #3. Sincerely, Betsy G. Hobbs"

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