On The Final Four in the Best Sitcom Episode Ever Tournament is HERE

Dear Splitsider, Please do not carry out such a stupid "competition" again. Comedy is not a sport. It is not a competition. This is a waste of time.

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On So That's Why Work It Went to Series

Can someone do an article on the 'failed shows created by Friends alums'? Or is there one already up? I would sure like to see that list.

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On Inside Red Letter Media's Obsessively Nerdy Brand of Humor

Thank you for introducing me to this! These guys are incredible. In between all the weird off kilter cut scenes and and non sequiturs, there is a genuine honesty. It's their honesty which makes me laugh the most. They care about what they're discussing. Once again, thank you.

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On Tim Heidecker Releases Herman Cain-Inspired Album

If you don't understand it, you're a little bit stupid.

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On It's Always Sunny Recap: "The Storm Of The Century"

Definitely not 'Back on top!'.

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On Amy Poehler, Aubry Plaza And Rashida Jones Confirm Candy Is, Will Always Be Delicious

Best way to eat a Curly-Wurly is to pop it in the freezer for a hour. Then it's all crunchy. Yummytown.

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On The Legacy of Baby's Day Out, the Only Comedy Movie I've Ever Walked Out On

@Chase Mitchell Yep. I never made it to dinner either. Bad film. Not funny. At all.

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On Curb Your Enthusiasm Recap: "Vow of Silence"

@EXP +1 Susie exclaims at one point, "She doesn't care about you! You're not the center of the universe!". I was also expecting more from that story, but when Susie said this, it reminded me that in the Curb 'universe' there are still normal functioning people that don't over think every little thing that disrupts their day. Sure, she probably thought of Larry as a massive douche at that time but didn't let it annoy her so much that she kept it with her the whole night. I feel that it their relationship was used to highlight Larry's overly scrutinising personality. Wow. Happy with that.

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On Ricky Gervais Is a Suicidal Clown

The word 'comedian' genrally first sprang to mind when I would think of Ricky Gervais. But in recent months a different 'C' word has overtaken. He has become a self righteous prick. IMHO of course.

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On The Eras of The Simpsons, By the Numbers

I agree with Daniel. This is a rather pointless exercise. This doesn't prove or disprove anything. In my opinion, The Simpsons should have ended 10 years ago and the movie should never have been made. It was as irrelevant and forgettable as the last 10/11 seasons.

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